Boy Friend

Is there anything sexier than a woman wearing a man’s shirt or watch? This blend of masculine and feminine style may seem normal to us today but it certainly wasn’t in the early 20th century when Gabrielle Chanel freed women’s bodies by dressing them in jersey, commonly used in men’s underwear. The tomboy look isn’t just for your wardrobe as it’s now capturing the Chanel woman’s wrist in a loving embrace. This Boy Friend has an oversize (37×28.6mm) rectangular case with edgy corners reminiscent of the Première timepiece and the iconic N°5 stopper. It is available in beige gold with/without 66 diamonds on the bezel or diamond-paved white gold. It houses a manual wind movement which brings the understated dial’s hour and minute hands (in the centre) and small seconds (at 6 o’ clock) to life. Price: 14,100 CHF (beige gold), 24,800 CHF (diamond beige gold), 26,950 CHF (diamond white gold)