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With its deep red dial, the Petite Heure Minute by Jaquet Droz displays both a warm and fiery temperament. Just like the passion felt at the beginning of a love affair.

There is no need to master the language of flowers to know that a red rose symbolises the passion felt by one person for another. And the more flowers there are in the bouquet, the more intense is the emotion. With stones, the same is true: in the realm of lithotherapy (healing with stones), each colour of mineral expresses a feeling. Jaquet Droz, a watchmaker that excels in using natural stones on the dials of its watches, has taken advantage of the imminence of Valentine’s Day to launch the Petite Heure Minute Cuprite.

jaquet droz petite heure minute cuprite closeup

It is impossible for this new watch, available in just 28 pieces, to go unnoticed. With its flamboyant dial set off by diamonds and pink gold, it will inevitably attract attention.

The dial on the Petite Heure Minute Cuprite is a disc made of cuprite, a copper oxide in mineral form. This stone with a generally deep red colour is sometimes streaked with lighter veins and emerald-green cavities, which is the case on the dial of this Jaquet Droz watch. A second, smaller disc made of white mother-of-pearl and encircled with a gilded ribbon, houses a pair of lancine-style hands to show the hours and minutes.

As for the pink-gold case – a fine jewel setting – it is 35mm wide and edged with 232 brilliant-cut diamonds (1.23 carat). The case back is adorned by a sapphire glass unveiling the dance of the automatic JD2653.P gold rotor, which has a double barrel and provides 68 hours of power reserve.

Price: 33,500 CHF jaquet-droz.com

By Sharmila Bertin

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