jaquet droz tropical bird repeater closeup



According to Jaquet Droz’s new slogan, some watches tell the time, while others tell a story. The surprising Tropical Bird Repeater belongs to the second category.

In 2012, Jaquet Droz delighted us with an incredible watch combining the brand’s watchmaking talents and its expertise in creative automata. Since then, there have been several limited editions in the same spirit with their shared feature being an animated image on a dial decorated by miniaturist painters and engravers. For the Tropical Bird Repeater, the lush decor recalls illustrations from naturalist encyclopaedias of the 19th century. Plants are bathed in a heavenly light. A waterfall adds a touch of freshness. Animals flourish in this exuberant world, with seven animations lasting up to 12 seconds and with 4 different scenes. A peacock deploys its tail and folds it again. A toucan appears at 3 o’clock and opens its large beak. Dragonflies awaken at 9 o’clock and provide a striking nocturnal show with their wings coated in Super-LumiNova®. The high point is a hummingbird! During its flight, its wings beat up to 40 times a second. The highly realistic display of the hummingbird, like the other animals, is orchestrated by a new mechanical movement.

jaquet droz tropical bird repeater closeup

The Tropical Bird Repeater also displays the hours and minutes on a simple and elegant onyx disc. In any event, just eight collectors will have the chance to enjoy it to the full…

Price on request jaquet-droz.com

By Dan Diaconu