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A new edition made by Louis Moinet and limited to 28 pieces includes a tourbillon movement driving a kinetic visual effect and a unique second display.

In 2013, Louis Moinet unveiled the surprising Derrick Tourbillon watch. What was original about it? It was a device representing a derrick used to extract crude oil, and which moved for as long as the watch worked. You just needed to recharge it with non-polluting mechanical energy for it to start up again. With the Black Gold Derrick, the mechanism has kept the same spirit linked to the world of oil-drilling, while pushing creativity a little bit further. The dial again features a long articulated arm with its “head” at the left-hand end, creating the visual identity of the oil-extracting tool. The mechanic architecture is rounded off by a titanium barrel located at 9 o’clock. Louis Moinet has given the permanently rotating barrel the task of marking the seconds. They can be read at the bottom of the barrel, on a red engraved seconds track.

louis moinet black gold derrick closeup

“Black gold” flows symbolically across the dial. The bridges have been coated with black PVD. They are open-worked, unveiling the mechanism and the barrel spring with its traditional finishes, characteristic of fine watchmaking. The numerous acute angles are all hand-finished. Also to be seen is a pearled decor on the plate and slender lines on the bridges.

The calibre and tourbillon provide the Black Gold Derrick with a healthy power reserve of 3 days. The watch is housed in a white gold case, christened Neo by Louis Moinet, and features the 6-screw bezel that has become the firm’s trade mark. The open-work lugs are fitted to an elegant leather strap.

Price: 260,000 CHF www.louismoinet.com

By Dan Diaconu

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