louis vuitton escale spin time blue closeup



Seven years after inventing a new time display, the Parisian brand is renewing the experience with a titanium watch with a grey dial featuring twelve rotating cubes.

Why just show the time in a regular way when your name is Louis Vuitton and you have your own workshop (La Fabrique du Temps Louis Vuitton)? The Parisian brand, famous for its trunks and the LV monogram, has overturned the traditional codes with its new Escale Spin Time Blue model. The idea of a watch with spinning time was born with the Tambour Spin Time in 2010, but Louis Vuitton has revisited this system and included it in the Escale watch case.

louis vuitton escale spin time blue closeup

The Escale Spin Time Blue has a titanium case measuring 41mm in diameter and 11.2mm thick, and is adorned with a titanium crown, bezel and lugs. This silvery setting contains the LV77 calibre, an automatic mechanism made at La Fabrique du Temps Louis Vuitton, and drives the hour and minute functions, while providing a power reserve of 42 hours.

At the centre of the steel-grey watch face is a black and silver globe on a blue disc displaying the Parisian brand name. Under this stylised planet Earth is concealed a small luminescent hand displaying the minutes and a white minute track. The hours, meanwhile, are shown by 12 spinning cubes, each including four different faces, all made by transfer. Three tones of blue have been used for these very unusual hour markers.

The Escale Spin Time Blue has a navy blue alligator and calf-leather strap with a white gold buckle.

Price on request.

By Sharmila Bertin