hublot big bang meca 10 p2p closeup bezel



Hiding behind the name Satoshi Nakamoto is the creator of the first virtual currency and a new vision for exchanging value. A new watch celebrating these innovations can only be bought with bitcoins.

Most people have now heard of bitcoin. The virtual currency was invented just 10 years ago and has given rise to numerous fantasies. For some it is a speculative investment, for others it is the means of payment of the future. In any event, the crypto-currency symbolises the revolution of P2P (peer-to-peer) exchanges and transactions between computers and servers on the internet. Alongside bitcoin, the concept of the blockchain was born. Storing and transmitting information without centralised control are the rules in a world that seems very much immaterial. Just like time? To give material form to the concept, Hublot has launched the Meca-10 P2P model at the end of this year. The watch is designed around a large, black, 45mm-wide ceramic case, taking us into a modern, aesthetic and digital world. On the sapphire crystal caseback, an interconnected map of the world evokes data traffic, the strap features lines recalling printed circuit boards, and the bezel is encircled with figures and letters like a line of computer code.

hublot big bang meca 10 p2p closeup bezelThis limited edition of just 210 pieces, a reference to the number of bitcoins in the world (21 million), is only on sale online with payment using the famous digital currency.

Price: the equivalent of $25,000 in bitcoins

By Dan Diaconu

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