MONTBLANC – TimeWalker Urban Speed e-Strap

Some say it’s a stroke of genius, others say it’s ridiculous. In the middle of the furore surrounding the smartwatch, whether or not Swiss brands should test the water and right when the boldest are saying there’ll be prototypes at the end of the year, Montblanc has caught everyone off guard by unveiling its solution: the e-Strap. The brand has pulled off a tour de force by bringing luxury watchmaking together with smartwatches. It is a mechanical self-winding model with a connected strap instead of an electronic watch. Simple but unique up to now. A small DLC black steel case with a 0.9” OLED touchscreen is nestled on the strap with a 5-day lifespan which can be recharged using the micro-USB cable. It enables wearers to monitor their physical activity and stay connected to their smartphones via Bluetooth. It is compatible with iOS (from the iPhone 4) and Android (from 4.3) phones. The e-Strap also has the Find Me function and is interchangeable. Price from 350 € (strap) to 4’690 € (chronograph)