richard mille rm035 ultimate edition closeup



Richard Mille is on the cutting edge of innovation and updating its timepieces with modern materials. The RM035 Ultimate Edition has been treated to the latest in technical progress.

The skier Alexis Pinturault has worn an RM 035 with a case made of a magnesium and aluminium alloy for the past two seasons of the Alpine Ski World Cup. The watch’s technical features that make it light and strong have also proved popular with Rafael Nadal. In other models such as the RM 35-01 and the more recent RM 50-03, Richard Mille has proven its expertise in using hi-tech materials to make cases even lighter and stronger. The new RM 035 Ultimate Edition has been treated to the latest innovations in the sector with the signature barrel-shaped case in NTPT carbon.

richard mille rm035 ultimate edition closeup

In terms of movement, Richard Mille has kept the RM 035’s manual wind skeleton movement with a 55-hour power reserve. The double barrel and variable-inertia balance wheel also improve the chronometer’s accuracy and movement architecture’s strength even if it’s knocked. The featherweight 4.3g calibre and polyurethane strap help make the watch ultra-light and comfortable to wear whether you’re a top athlete or just enjoy hitting the slopes.

The use of hi-tech materials gives the watch a monochrome look which is brightened up by flashes of red on the crown and markers. There are 35 of the limited edition RM 035 Ultimate Edition available. It is only available from Richard Mille shops.

Price: 140,500 CHF

By Dan Diaconu