RM 27-02 Rafael Nadal

The fifth generation of the “Rafael Nadal” timepieces is another step forwards in the quest for excellence after the RM 027, RM 035, RM 27-01 and RM 35-01 models. Firstly, this new manual-wind mechanical tourbillon calibre is based on a so-called “unibody” skeleton plate. The latter is moulded to the caseband thus making the structure extremely sturdy, a technique inspired by racing car chassis. In terms of material, the plate is in NTPT carbon, the bridges in grade 5 titanium whilst the back and bezel are in NTPT carbon blended with TPT quartz. The latter is made up of over 600 layers of quartz filaments. They have been interspersed with carbon layers by a system which modifies the fibres’ position by 45 degrees. The result is an incredibly light calibre (3.5g) and a super sturdy watch. Price: 734,500 CHF