cartier santos gear patrol collection



Want to become part of your era? Over 100 years after it was launched, the Santos has achieved this feat thanks to an ingenious system of easily interchangeable watch straps.

Created in 1904 for the aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont, the Santos de Cartier watch has glided through time thanks to its timeless design. So, for the brand, any change to this iconic model must steer clear of revolution. Modifications must be subtle, so as not to disfigure the pure style of the square case. So, the new pieces from the 2018 collection introduced at the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie in Geneva have preserved the spirit of the original watch. Only the bezel has been redesigned, becoming slimmer, and thus adding dynamism to the overall appearance of a timepiece available in large (39.8 x 47.5mm) and medium (35.1 x 41.9 mm) formats.

cartier santos gear patrol collection

The major new element is the strap, and more precisely the patented bracelet system, QuickSwitch. A press on a mechanism under the strap releases it from the case. Depending on your mood or your outfit, you can swap the steel or gold strap with the leather strap sold with the watch. And for even more ease of use, “Smartlink” links have been added to the metal straps. You can use them to adjust the length of the strap without having to use a special tool. You can do this yourself using a button on the link. When you press it, the spring bar is released, and you can then easily add or remove a link.

The Santos de Cartier houses a new automatic movement. The calibre 1847 MC stands out through the presence of non-magnetic components made of phosphorus nickel, as well as a paramagnetic shield inside the case. The calibre provides the watch with 42 hours of power reserve.

Price: 5,000 EUR (steel)

By Dan Diaconu