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With four exceptional limited editions Louis Moinet commemorates history’s first spacewalk.

Space is a regular source of inspiration for Louis Moinet. The Sideralis took us on an interstellar journey. The Meteoris models included meteorite debris in the dials. And for the SpaceWalker, the brand recalls the exploit of one of the pioneers in space travel: the cosmonaut Alexey Leonov. Almaz 2, his codename during the perilous mission, was the first man to leave his space vehicle in 1965, for a spacewalk lasting 12 minutes and 9 seconds. Giving this zero-gravity adventure material form, an almaz, the Russian word for “diamond“, plays the role of a satellite for the impressive tourbillon with a 13.59mm-wide cage hanging above the dial. This mechanism is set against an aventurine background that becomes translucent on contact with light. The main visual attraction in this limited edition is focused on the time elements placed in a small disc at 6 o’clock. Two of Louis Moinet’s signature dewdrop-shaped hands move around a sapphire crystal with the watch mechanism on display. The elements are housed in an artistic and colourful representation of a starry sky and a nebula cloud.

louis moinet spacewalker closeup tourbillonAll the SpaceWalkers include the hand-wound LM48 calibre, generating a healthy power reserve of 72 hours. The mechanism is visible through the sapphire glass caseback.

Price on request www.louismoinet.com

By Dan Diaconu

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