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Breitling and the Bentley Continental GT

Auto manufacturer Bentley has been unrelentingly releasing luxury cars. The newest utilizes technology that is cutting-edge and engineering experience in manufacturing. Luxury cars were never the same after the birth of this iconic Continental GT. In 2002, Bentley commissioned Breitling to design the onboard clock for its Continental GT. A year later, the Continental GT surfaced with the combination of expertise between the manufacturers. Breitling looked back to their aviation chronograph found in 1931 for its layout. The brand’s expertise in chronographs and tracking made the collaboration steady. Furthermore, Willing Breitling, grandson of all Léon Breitling, was a dedicated Bentley enthusiast. Subsequently, the manufacturers extended their partnership at the 24 Hours at Le Mans race. Bentley was sponsored by breitling and was behind the brand through its triumph. For this reason, the chronograph was crafted by Breitling.
About 15 years since their initial collaboration, Bentley and Breitling renewed their partnership. In the alliance, Breitling declared a new chapter in 2018. “Bentley and Breitling share so many values,” Breitling CEO Georges Kern commented. Both brands recognise each other’s dedication to quality, performance, and design excellence. They’ve decided to leverage this continue a heritage and to build on. “It’s an perfect partnership,” Kern added. “And, after over 15 decades, it’s a fun to add yet another chapter into it.” Bentley Motors Chairman Adrian Hallmark was a Board Member for Sales and Marketing in 2002. When the partnership flourished on the race track, he was there. This cooperation as an example of credibility in the craft. On its core solutions, Breitling incorporated Bentley variations that were special with the partnership. This unified the firms’ relationship. Breitling has generated timepieces for Bentley, and the Breitling Bentley was created.