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Casio ProTrek caters to active outdoor enthusiasts

Our Top Choices in the Casio Pro Trek Collection
The Casio Pro Trek watches feature. If you enjoy camping trekking or diving, this will be the best watch for you. Design-wise, the Casio Pro Trek supplies.

Listed below are the top picks:

Casio Pro Trek Triple Sensor Tough Solar PRW-7000FC-1JF


It has water-resistance of up to 200 yards along with a compass bearing sensor which has an automatic horizontal compensation. The settlement that is horizontal ensures a precise posture reading even if the view is in motion.

The index hand location is at the 5 o’clock position and contains a coil screen that enables high-speed motion to show tide data and difference. Additionally, it features indicator markers that are large with high contrast to ensure maximum readability. You expect it to have a countdown timer with a measuring device of one second, as well as five alarms since it uses a Sensor Model 3.

Casio Pro Trek Climber Line PRW-60-7AJF


It’s a 47.2 case diameter and a depth of 13.33 mm. Additionally, it features both analogue and digital screen type along with also a quartz movement. The markers are big enough to ensure maximum visibility, If it comes to its indicators. The indicator hand stays on the 10 o’clock position while the digital screen sits on the 6 o’clock position.

It features a stopwatch that has five alarms daily with hour sign, and a 1/100 minute purpose since it operates on the Triple Sensor Model 3. Additionally, it has a power-saving function and a fully calendar. Besides, its screen features a double LED right area for the letter board and the LCD part. It may reach up to 100 metres underwater and is water-resistant.