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The Origin and Birth of the New Generation Rolex Day-Date President

18XX series in 1977 represents a modest increase in price on the secondary market. 180XX range brought the Rolex Day-Date its initial beat movement — the Cal. 3055 with a frequency of 28,800vph. It comprised a Quickset function, allowing for the day of the month in the three o’clock window without adjusting the hands to become more advanced with all the winding crown.
Again, it is the direct replacement for your ref. . The ref. 18038 is left in 18k yellow gold watch and contains the same bezel with variety of dial colors and materials. A massively popular model upon its launch, and especially in areas of the nation, it was the ref. 18038 which earned the Day-Date yet another nicknamethe Texas Timex. The difference in cost between this version and the preceding one is slight. At the end of the scale, you should have no difficulty with President bracelets starting at a few thousand bucks over examples in the previous generation, tracking down bits.
The ref. 18038 has an altogether more contemporary feel than the ref. 1803. The dials are flat instead of being of the’pie pan’ style of their previous creation, and the crystal is created from sapphire instead of being crafted from acrylic. However, the mention 18038 was not in production. As its Quickset feature only freed up the date numeral (what’s known as one Quickset) it was obvious what the next development was going to be. A new generation of this Rolex Day-Date President emerged, driven by a more motion.