this collection is the younger and more playful sibling of the Runwell.

If you are a lover of vintage or perhaps vintage-looking watches, then you will love the Shinola Petoskey Vinton 38mm. The cream dial gives it. It appears almost like a patina. Its title comes a fossil of a colonial coral. You would observe a pebble if you look it up on the Internet. The same as the rock, the watch’s dial features a sunburst design. The Petoskey stone changes in pattern and colour. This is why no two watches are alike. Additionally, it comes in an caseback and a stainless steel bracelet to make it even more personal.
The Islander Detrola 43mm Is it? No. It’s the Shinola Islander Detrola 43mm! Combining Detroit and Shinola, we get the Detrola. Simply put, this collection is the younger and much more playful sibling of this Runwell. What sets the Detrola is its own material. That’s apart from its lineup that is colourful and bright. Others are made from steel, but this one is created out of resin that was TR90. This makes that the Detrola. The youthful design of the Islander Detrola is perfect for those searching for a pop to their OOTD.