Tissot T-Race T-Touch profile



The practical and easy-to-use T-Race Touch Aluminium will be on hand for all outdoor sports and for work outs in your favourite gym.

The T-Touch collection features timepieces that are as well-equipped as the famous Swiss army knife. Using technology developed by Tissot, these watches have a wide range of features that can be activated with a simple press on the tactile crystal. The T-Race Touch Aluminium has two time counters, two alarms, a perpetual calendar and a second time zone. Activating some of these features also changes the role of the hour and minute hands. So if you are out and about, the two hands can be transformed into a compass, and the minute hand points towards the north magnetic pole. If you are sailing, a tide indicator shows the state of tidal currents with the minute hand, while the hour hand tells you whether the tide is rising or ebbing.

Tissot T-Race T-Touch profile

The T-Race Touch Aluminium is worn with a black silicon strap for optimal comfort during your sports activities.

Price: €480 www.tissotwatches.com

By Dan Diaconu