Who is the “most beautiful moon phase watch”?

Last time we recommend Breguet watch,this time we recommend another watch.The Mid-Autumn Festival approaches and it is important to appreciate the moon. The ancients were able to observe the phases of the moon and created the “lunar Calendar” according to their operation cycles. The dial also included the moon phase function due to the advent of timepieces. The moon phase window is small enough to easily see the profit and loss, and has strong practical properties. The exquisite design of the disk surface is both elegant and practical. Blancpain and Breguet are just a few of the luxury brands that have launched their own moon phases watches. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take an in-depth look at the “most beautiful” moon phase watch. Who’s home.

The Blancpain Classic Series 66654 moon phase watch is undoubtedly the most sought-after at present. With over 18,000 “likes”, the watch is at the top of Blancpain’s brand popularity. The dial has a full-calendar layout and the moon phase window is at 6 o’clock. Blancpain’s iconic face moon phase is now a trademark feature. Unique and asymmetrical, the date pointer made of serpentine blued steel is distinctive.

The Blancpain6654 moon phase on the human head is one of its highlights. Zooming in, you can see the corner of the mouth and it seems like it has a “mysterious smiling”. This expression is full humor and has the same effect of the “dog head” or “squint”, which can be described on the wrist as an “emoji”.

Breguet is another representative brand of the moon phase for human faces. Breguet is a long-standing user of the moon phase of the human skin. It was first used in the NO.5 pocketwatch by Abraham Louis Breguet who was the founder of the brand. This element is a legacy of the classics and Breguet watches use many face moon phases.

The 7787 series is the “face value” for the modern Breguet Moon Phase Watch. Although there are many products within the 7787 series and their dial designs and details may differ slightly between models, they all use the same 39mm 18k-gold cases. The moon phase disc for 7787 can be found below 12 o’clock. It features distinctive Breguet needles and the coin pattern on the side of its case. This iconic element is also highly recognisable.

OBLVLO CM Series Mechanical Date Bracelet Watch-CM2-YWY

The 42m size of the OBLVLO CM Series Men’s Watches can show off your style and personality. It does not have complicated functions or fancy features, so it is easy to attract admirers’ attention. The OBLVLO CM series watch’s bezel has a double-arched design. This allows for the watch to look great even on a small wrist. The bezel is asteel. It is finished with stick markers and a black dial. The display is controlled via an OBLVLO 7500 Automat Movement. A stainless steel bracelet with deployment buckle keeps the watch secure to the wrist. Waterproof up to 100 meters