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Commuter watch with complications, the choice of advanced players

Last time we recommend PIAGET watch,this time we recommend another three watches for you.Advanced watch players understand that a mechanical watch’s function is more than just to tell the time. They also want to be able to use the watch to listen to the beat and play with it. Watch House recommends three high-end brands of complication watches to suit the needs and preferences of senior watchplayers.

Patek Philippe Complication Timepiece Series Series 5205R-011 Watch

The appearance design of luxury watch brands has become more modern in recent years. Patek Philippe has launched the Ref.5205R-011 rose-gold annual calendar watch. It features an olive green dial with sunburst patterns and a black gradient edge. The watch’s rose gold case makes it more elegant and noble, combining modernity with elegance. The 324 SQA LU 24-H self-winding movement powers the watch with a 35-45 hour power reserve. The dial has curved day, month, and date apertures. This watch can be adjusted manually only once per year by using the patented annual calendar device.

Lange Lange 1 Series 137.033 Watch

The 41 mm case of the new LANGE 1 series watches is slimmer than the previous model. It measures 8.2 mm in width and fits comfortably on the wrist. It features the classic off-centre layout and a Lange outsize day display by a double metal frame window. Hours, minutes, and small seconds are also displayed. The gray dial features delicate patterns. The main dial has grain patterns and the sub-dials have circular patterns. A reddish-brown leather strap is used with the 18K rosegold model. It is elegant and stylish. This watch is both practical and collectible.

OBLVLO CM Series Men’s Designer Watches Automatic Watch CMBB

The 42mm size of the OBLVLO CM Series classic watches can show off your style and personality. It does not have complicated functions or fancy features, so it is easy to attract admirers’ attention. The OBLVLO CM series watch’s bezel has a double-arched design. This allows for more delicate lines, making it perfect for thin wrists.

The PVD bezel is included in the case. It is finished with stick markers. The display is controlled via an OBLVLO 7500 Automatic Movement. The watch is secured by a stainless steel bracelet with deployment buckle. Waterproof up to 100 meters

Inventory of new ladies’ expensive watches, very expensive and beautiful

Women are more aware of watches and wearing them when on the road is becoming more popular. Last time we recommend Jaeger-LeCoultre watch,this time we recommend another three watches.This can show their softness and gentleness, as well as highlight their individual taste and charm. We all know that women are “visual animals”, and can see all things. Watches are not an exception. Major watchmaking companies have released a number of women’s watches this year. Each one is more beautiful than the others, making them difficult to resist. We will be presenting a selection of high-end and expensive ladies watches. They are beautiful, even though they are very expensive.

Breguet Queen Of Naples 8938BB/8D/964/DD0D

Breguet was commissioned by Queen of Naples in 1810 to create a watch for her. The first Breguet Queen Of Naples series, launched in 2002, was inspired by this watch. This iconic design element of the Breguet Queens of Naples watch’s goose egg-shaped case is easily recognizable. The Queen of Naples 8938 watch is shown in this picture. It features an 18K Gold goose egg-shaped case, with diamonds, and a delicately snow-inlaid dial. The watch’s 6 o’clock position features an unusual natural white mother of pearl hour scale ring. It is full-bright and adds a gentle elegance to the watch.

Patek Philippe Complication Timepiece Series 7130R-014

Patek Philippe presented 12 new timepieces at this year’s Haute Horlogerie Exhibition “Watches and Miracles”. The 7130R-014 rose-gold world time watch was my favorite. It is hard to resist this watch, even though I have seen many green watches over the past two years. There are many green watches on the market, but only a few high-end watches. many. The watch Patek Philippe chose an elegant and modern olive green dial color. It also has an 18k rosegold case which gives a new visual experience. The dial’s center is decorated with a beautiful hand-engraved basket weaving pattern. This pays tribute to rare craftsmanship. Olive green is used to design the city disc, which makes it easy for white letters to be read. Rose gold-diamond-shaped hands and three-dimensional hour markers in arrow-shaped shapes indicate the local time. These markers correspond to the 12 o’clock position on the disc. The elegant bezel is adorned with 62 Top Wesselton Diamonds.

Love Melody and Luthier Steel Blue Dial Automated Date Ladies Watch RGA1595 – YLY

The 34mm Love Luthier Women Watch can show off your style and personality without any complicated functions. Double-arched design is used in the Love bezel. This allows for the watch to look great even on a small wrist. A steel case is available for the watch. The steel bezel is included in the case. A Reef Tiger RT7500 Automatic Movement controls the display. The watch is secured by a Steel Bracelet with Deployment bucket with double buttons. Waterproof up to 50 meters

How beautiful can a moon phase watch be? Three women’s moon phase watches recommended

When shopping for watches, women often consider appearance first. Last time we recommend Rolex watch,this time we recommend another three wathes.A watch has a function. Even though it’s not practical right now, it is still beautiful. Do you know what I am referring to? It’s the moon phase. A simple watch with just three hands will do, provided it matches the dial of the moon phase. Three beautiful women’s moon phase watches are available for as low as 150,000 Yuan. They are perfect for watch enthusiasts with an economic foundation.

Jaeger-LeCoultre dating series 357843J

The Jaeger LeCoultre dating series is a favorite among female watch enthusiasts due to its refined and elegant aesthetics. Today’s Jaeger LeCoultre dating watch recommendation is made from a stainless steel 43mm case. It has 60 brilliant-cut, closely-arranged diamonds on its outer ring and 47 smaller diamonds around the dial. Echoes. The moon phase disc can be found at the 6 o’clock position on the silver guilloche dial. The blue disc is a representation of the Milky Way. The two larger stars are the faithful lovers in mythology. You can view the 925A/1 automatic watch movement through the sapphire caseback. It has a 40-hour battery when fully wound.

Blancpain Women’s Collection 3663-1154-0495A

Blancpain’s distinctive, vivid moon phase face is easily recognisable. It is known as the “moon beauty” because it looks exactly like Marilyn Monroe’s beauty phase moon phase. Blancpain Ladies Watch 35mm stainless steel case features a sparkling mother of pearl dial. It is luxurious and refreshing. At the 6 o’clock position on the disc’s surface, you will find the moon phase disc. Beautifully, the moon phase is suspended in the night sky. It is surrounded by stars. Blancpain proudly presents the self-winding Cal.6763 movement on this watch. It is polished down to the finest detail. It has a maximum of 100 hours of battery life.

Reef Tiger Love Galaxy Automatic Women Watch # RGA1592-PLP

Its unique shape means that it is not only one Women’s Watches  but also the perfect jewelry to bring you joy. Galaxy’s Arrow means to fall in love. Galaxy is used by Galaxy watch designers to communicate the arrival of love. The Arrow of Love signifies the great things that are coming. Galaxy watches’ dials are colorful and creative, with red, blue, green, black and green flowers in bloom in spring. There’s always one item that fits you.

Rolex “leaf disc”, the log type is “supported” again?

Last time we recommend Omega watch,this time we recommend another watch.A Rolex Datejust “Golden Palm”, also known as the “Golden Leaf”, model number 126233, was my lucky find. This watch is affordable, but it has been a popular choice for Rolex over the past two years. I will take it out to talk with you guys.

Rolex Datejust “Palm d’Or”

The most common and traditional Rolex watch is the Datejust. Rolex’s most popular watches have been “monopolized” since the launch of Rolex sports watches. This makes Rolex’s log type look quite satisfied and indifferent for many decades.

However, the tides have turned last year. Rolex’s 36mm steel cased “Green Palm”, Datejust 126200 was introduced in 2021. Rolex’s favorite dial was the green one. Rolex added the green dial and the green leaf pattern to their watches. The watch quickly became the most talked about item of the day. It’s up to you whether or not you decide to purchase it. It’s very funny to be called “leek plate” or “green chives”. The log shape is now “branched”, which was always without waves.

Rolex launched the log type “palm Leaf” in different colors after the “green palm” boosted its popularity. Also available in “Silver Palm” as well as “Golden Palm”. My Oyster bracelet has the “Golden Palm”, a gold dog-tooth ring.

OBLVLO Tourbillon Skeleton Automat Steel Watch for Men VM–S-YWB

The 42m size of the OBLVLO VM–S Series men automatic watch can show off your style and personality without complicated functions. It could even attract admirers’ admiration.