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For Weekends With The Girls

By another solar slice, I mean that the Seiko Solar SUP391P9 watch with a double strap for when you need to double the fun with your girlfriends. Whether you’re out shopping, night, cozying in for a movie , or out attempting the new brunch place at the city, this enjoyable and sophisticated addition to your own solar Seiko watches set is a real head-turner.


Play with the ring by changing it depending on your mood and activity of choice — white for bowling, reddish for shopping, to painting the town red or black? What is more, the Swarovski crystals on the bezel and lugs and the dial make the watch elegant enough for Michelin-star dinners with your BFFs.

Seiko Ladies’ Quartz SXDG98P9
There’s nothing like a great old black-strap apparel watch to make you appear pulled-together. And you know that extra drive you need for your important business meeting? Seiko’s Ladies’ Quartz SXDG98P9 watch may supply you with just that and more.


Determined by the 7N82 Calibre quartz movement for precision and precision, this timepiece means business. The rose gold-plated bezel and lugs maintain the watch stand out, while the date display at 3 o’clock makes sure you do miss an important date. And with its 28.7mm dial, the Seiko Ladies’ Quartz SXDG98P9 watch is light and sophisticated enough for running around with a full-day program.

A good option is that the Presage Automatic Self-Winding Mechanical SARX027 model for a more streamlined look.

A Grand Seiko inspired by Iwate Prefecture for sale

A brand new Grand Seiko that evokes the landscape of this Iwate Prefecture in Northern Japan premiered in November 2016. For the uninitiated, Grand Seikos are created at the Shizuku-ishi Watch Studio at the Iwate Prefecture. The situation and other key design elements are the same as those of this acclaimed model SBGJ005 which won the”Petite Aiguille” award in the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève 2014. But this new version has a particular dial and oscillating weight to express a new motif that evokes the landscape of this Iwate Prefecture in Northern Japan in which the watch is created.
Among the cornerstones of the Grand Seiko case design is how well light performs glistening surfaces and this particular watch is a modern retake of the iconic 44GS model shape 1967, a watch that formed the design language of future models. The 40mm stainless steel case and other essential design components of this new version are borrowed from the Petite Aiguille winning SBGJ005. What’s new on this limited edition is a special dial and an oscillating weight which elicits the landscape of this Iwate Prefecture.

Seiko watches

This timepiece is distinguished by a deep red dial will mean to evoke the Mt. Iwate at dawn. Featuring a radial pattern that’s unique to Grand Seiko watches, the dial has the brand’s trademark aerodynamic and polished indices and a yellow GMT hand. The color of the dialup, if you think the PR spiel, is reminiscent of how the sunlight lights up Mt. Iwate on clear mornings.
A specially made oscillating weight made of titanium and tungsten is observable through the caseback. The rotor is a riot of colors with shades of blue, purple, orange and yellow colours — inspired by dawn light as it strikes Mt Iwate. This gradation of colors is made possible as a result of a anodic oxidation, a surface treatment in which metals are subjected to electrolysis to create an oxide film. Titanium oxide film produces color in line with the mild infraction indicator, enabling production of different colours by changing the thickness of the oxide film.
The opinion is powered by the dependable and accurate Caliber 9S86 motion. Production of this version is limited to 500 pieces and will be priced at $8,200.

Grand Seiko Snowflake Special Editions

No doubt that the Snowflake is a marvel in terms of watch design. On the other hand, the folks over at Grand Seiko love spicing things up . That said, here are just three Grand Seiko Snowflakes with a spin. However, it’s impressive how these models exhibit the must-haves in the design bible of the brand.

1. The Taisetsu is part of this Four Seasons collection of Grand Seiko. It consists, as its name suggests. Two of these seasons are based on the Grand Seiko Snowflake. One is the Taisetsu (Winter) and the other is Shunbun (Spring).

In low-light conditions, particularly at first glance, this looks indistinguishable from the original Grand Seiko Snowflake. In reality, their designs are equally inspired by precisely the same thing — snow. After spending a couple of minutes comparing the two versions, you will see the differences.


For one, the Taisetsu has a dial. This one comes in gray to remind you of cloudy skies, while the model has a snow white watch that reflects the calmness of sunlight.

Another special thing about this variant is its bezel or lack of it. This usually means that the crystal had to be attached to the case thus improving legibility. Furthermore, its lugs have been redesigned to make the look more comfy to wear.

  1. Shunbun (Spring) Once all of the snow has gone, it is time for Spring. And as stated earlier, this model a part of the Four Seasons collection. In fact, along with the winter edition, this one was constructed at the Shinshu Watch Studio.

Its dial is pink in colour with a soft feel. Actually, it is so mild that it is only visible at certain angles. In some conditions, an hue is given off by the dial. This represents the of the famous cherry blossoms of Japan.

Save for its color, the Shunbun is identical to the winter version of this collection. It’s the very same proportions as well as situation. Additionally, in addition, it employs the Spring Drive 9R65 calibre motion.

The Shunbun is Grand Seiko’s initial watch at a dial. Watch enthusiasts enticed throughout the world, which makes it hard to acquire, because of that.

The Grand Seiko Blue Snowflake possesses the name of the special edition of the original Snowflake. And as its name suggests, it has while remaining clean a gentle dial which stands out.


Unlike the first version which uses titanium, this one utilizes stainless steel to the case. This material gives a feel to the watch. However, to compensate for the weight, this version is smaller. From the first’s 41mm dimensions, this one is right down to 40.8mm.

Another shift are the hour mark in 12 o’clock position, 9, and the 6. Instead of the trapezoids, rectangles that look a good deal like the markers are used by it.

  1. Golden Snowflake The Grand Seiko Golden Snowflake is arguably the most elegant of this bunch. Its hands and hour markers come in vibrant gold hue. The option of color gives a vibe off Though nothing much is additional to the watch. This is in contrast to the serene and cool colour scheme of the original variant.

Aside from the colour, nothing is changed. It conveys exactly the very same dimensions, material, and movement of the Grand Seiko Snowflake.