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Who is the “most beautiful moon phase watch”?

Last time we recommend Breguet watch,this time we recommend another watch.The Mid-Autumn Festival approaches and it is important to appreciate the moon. The ancients were able to observe the phases of the moon and created the “lunar Calendar” according to their operation cycles. The dial also included the moon phase function due to the advent of timepieces. The moon phase window is small enough to easily see the profit and loss, and has strong practical properties. The exquisite design of the disk surface is both elegant and practical. Blancpain and Breguet are just a few of the luxury brands that have launched their own moon phases watches. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take an in-depth look at the “most beautiful” moon phase watch. Who’s home.

The Blancpain Classic Series 66654 moon phase watch is undoubtedly the most sought-after at present. With over 18,000 “likes”, the watch is at the top of Blancpain’s brand popularity. The dial has a full-calendar layout and the moon phase window is at 6 o’clock. Blancpain’s iconic face moon phase is now a trademark feature. Unique and asymmetrical, the date pointer made of serpentine blued steel is distinctive.

The Blancpain6654 moon phase on the human head is one of its highlights. Zooming in, you can see the corner of the mouth and it seems like it has a “mysterious smiling”. This expression is full humor and has the same effect of the “dog head” or “squint”, which can be described on the wrist as an “emoji”.

Breguet is another representative brand of the moon phase for human faces. Breguet is a long-standing user of the moon phase of the human skin. It was first used in the NO.5 pocketwatch by Abraham Louis Breguet who was the founder of the brand. This element is a legacy of the classics and Breguet watches use many face moon phases.

The 7787 series is the “face value” for the modern Breguet Moon Phase Watch. Although there are many products within the 7787 series and their dial designs and details may differ slightly between models, they all use the same 39mm 18k-gold cases. The moon phase disc for 7787 can be found below 12 o’clock. It features distinctive Breguet needles and the coin pattern on the side of its case. This iconic element is also highly recognisable.

OBLVLO CM Series Mechanical Date Bracelet Watch-CM2-YWY

The 42m size of the OBLVLO CM Series Men’s Watches can show off your style and personality. It does not have complicated functions or fancy features, so it is easy to attract admirers’ attention. The OBLVLO CM series watch’s bezel has a double-arched design. This allows for the watch to look great even on a small wrist. The bezel is asteel. It is finished with stick markers and a black dial. The display is controlled via an OBLVLO 7500 Automat Movement. A stainless steel bracelet with deployment buckle keeps the watch secure to the wrist. Waterproof up to 100 meters

How beautiful can a moon phase watch be? Three women’s moon phase watches recommended

When shopping for watches, women often consider appearance first. Last time we recommend Rolex watch,this time we recommend another three wathes.A watch has a function. Even though it’s not practical right now, it is still beautiful. Do you know what I am referring to? It’s the moon phase. A simple watch with just three hands will do, provided it matches the dial of the moon phase. Three beautiful women’s moon phase watches are available for as low as 150,000 Yuan. They are perfect for watch enthusiasts with an economic foundation.

Jaeger-LeCoultre dating series 357843J

The Jaeger LeCoultre dating series is a favorite among female watch enthusiasts due to its refined and elegant aesthetics. Today’s Jaeger LeCoultre dating watch recommendation is made from a stainless steel 43mm case. It has 60 brilliant-cut, closely-arranged diamonds on its outer ring and 47 smaller diamonds around the dial. Echoes. The moon phase disc can be found at the 6 o’clock position on the silver guilloche dial. The blue disc is a representation of the Milky Way. The two larger stars are the faithful lovers in mythology. You can view the 925A/1 automatic watch movement through the sapphire caseback. It has a 40-hour battery when fully wound.

Blancpain Women’s Collection 3663-1154-0495A

Blancpain’s distinctive, vivid moon phase face is easily recognisable. It is known as the “moon beauty” because it looks exactly like Marilyn Monroe’s beauty phase moon phase. Blancpain Ladies Watch 35mm stainless steel case features a sparkling mother of pearl dial. It is luxurious and refreshing. At the 6 o’clock position on the disc’s surface, you will find the moon phase disc. Beautifully, the moon phase is suspended in the night sky. It is surrounded by stars. Blancpain proudly presents the self-winding Cal.6763 movement on this watch. It is polished down to the finest detail. It has a maximum of 100 hours of battery life.

Reef Tiger Love Galaxy Automatic Women Watch # RGA1592-PLP

Its unique shape means that it is not only one Women’s Watches  but also the perfect jewelry to bring you joy. Galaxy’s Arrow means to fall in love. Galaxy is used by Galaxy watch designers to communicate the arrival of love. The Arrow of Love signifies the great things that are coming. Galaxy watches’ dials are colorful and creative, with red, blue, green, black and green flowers in bloom in spring. There’s always one item that fits you.

18K Gold Blancpain Villeret Reveil GMT Review

Blancpain watches provides you something beautiful and amazing to wake up to every day. It isn’t every day we get to examine something that’s only so spectacular in appearance yet at precisely the exact same time, so tasteful. Many watchmakers believe this to push the bounds that they should break from the parameters of classic and traditional watchmaking and layout. This isn’t true with Blancpain, and most surely not using all the Villeret Reveil GMT. Let us have a closer look and examine this watch in nice detail. At first appearance, the thing which will catch your attention the most about this view is that the dial and the way multi-dimensional it’s. It appears wealthy, sophisticated and timeless all at precisely the exact same moment. These printed numerals are employed for the GMT and sit between the employed Roman numerals in the outside of the dial and the middle of the dial. Among the things which causes this dial so gratifying to check at is using feel and selective areas which don’t have feel. Examples would be the above-mentioned place at which the GMT numerals are published, the alert power reserve indicator, the alert set subdial along with the alert on/off index, and the window. Regardless of the asymmetrical design, the comparison and positioning of the attributes give the dial excellent visual equilibrium.
Gold Blancpain Villeret Reveil GMT Watch
You will find polished gold leaf-shaped hands utilized over the hour and minute hands and they’re marginally skeletonized such as the eye of a needle. A curved blued steel arrow-shaped hand sits under the hour and second hands on the middle pole where the hands . The diameter of the conclusion of the GMT watch hand protrudes slightly on both sides of the hour and second hands giving you a little flash of blued steel. This sub-dial, in addition to the power reserve indicator, utilizes a baton-shaped polished gold. The Roman numerals which are utilized for the primary time dial possess an intriguing font using an almost classic style.
Luxury Blancpain Villeret Reveil GMT
I will literally go on concerning the dial up for days so let us proceed. This is a bit more consistent using classic watches rather than riding the tide of this oversize or eclectic view fashion which may or might not be the permanent means of the future concerning watch style. It’s the burden that you’re searching for in a good gold luxury watch which has to do with the case material used with this particular model, yet this collection also includes a version using a stainless steel case on a leather strap that is slightly milder. A good deal of the weight comes in the good gold self-winding rotor that may be found through the transparent sapphire case back that is finished. The manufacture grade 1240h has an anti-magnetic silicon equilibrium spring. This 36 jewel self-winding movement beats in 28,800 vibrations per hour and includes a power reserve of about 45 hours on a complete wind.
his motion provides some very helpful complications for those that travel frequently notably to other time zones. The GMT complication permits to get a second-time-zone that’s signaled by the curved blue arrow-shaped hand at the middle of this watch. Another superb feature is that the Alarm function that isn’t seen as frequently as a GMT onto a mechanical timepiece. But, both of these complications proceed hand-in-hand for globetrotters and jet setters that require both time zones and also an alarm that will assist you make certain they catch their flights. The noise of this alert chiming is made with a small hammer that strikes a miniaturized gong within the watch.
18k gold Blancpain Villeret Reveil GMT
Placing and functioning the Blancpain Villeret Reveil GMT is simple. On the left side of this scenario, you’ll come across the on/off button to the alert in the 8 o’clock position and also the crown to set the alert is on the ideal side of this case at the two o’clock position. The watch has yet another crown under it in the 4 o’clock position on the ideal side of this case that is used to place the date, the GMT/dual time zone. The watch includes a brown alligator leather strap attached between the 22mm distance between the lugs which makes it effortless to discover different straps to replace if need be. Not that you’d ever wish to substitute this strap.
The ring is secured by means of an 18kt rose gold watch deployant buckle which folds closed. This folding grip is adorned with Blancpain branding employing an engraved Blancpain emblem on the conclusion of the buckle using the pin. There’s a set of increased gold three-dimensional , those utilized in the Blancpain emblem on either side of the deployant clasp.
Blancpain Villeret Reveil GMT Review
Overall, it is a really remarkable watch both aesthetically and in purpose. It is available in a nice sized parquet wooden box which may be transformed into a humidor by taking away the black vinyl substance inside and adding both timber walls. The box includes a CREDO humidifier system which transforms the box into a completely operational cigar humidor.
blancpain collection valentin 2020 closeup with caseback



As the ultimate celebration of love is about to dawn, the Joux Valley manufacture unveils a jewelry piece totally adorned with diamonds and inspired by a timepiece once owned by Marilyn Monroe.

A silhouette, a face, a voice, a style: Marilyn Monroe (1926-1962) has been the absolute embodiment of femininity and continues to weave her magic on the world. Throughout her life, the sublime American actress and singer wore a Blancpain-created 1930s cocktail watch on her wrist which was recently showcased in the watchmaker’s New York store. This art deco-styled timepiece inspired the creation of a 14-piece limited edition dedicated to this lovers’ celebration, the Saint-Valentin 2020 model, enshrined in the Women Collection.

blancpain collection valentin 2020 closeup with casebackLike its elder sibling, this new watch embraces a rectangular case decorated with a flat, fluted crown. This svelte white-gold silhouette, measuring 35×16 mm and just 6.50 mm thick, strewn with 84 diamonds including two marquise-cut ones caressing the lugs, hosts a hand-wound mechanical movement. The caliber 510 delivers a power reserve of 52 hours and drives the key time data, i.e. the hours and minutes.

The immaculate face of this piece made for celebrating love features white mother-of-pearl marquetry from which two half hearts emerge, each crowned with a diamond. Two precious butterflies, whose bodies are fashioned with golden thread and whose wings are set with rubies and diamonds, hover delicately over this iridescent scenescape whilst a pair of central sword-shaped hands displays the hours and minutes.

Blancpain’s Women Collection Saint-Valentin 2020 wraps around the wrist with a white calfskin strap attached by an ardillon buckle adorned with a brilliant-cut diamond totaling 1.477 carats.

Price: CHF35’000

By Sharmila Bertin

blancpain villeret ultrathin blue closeup



This limited series, only available in the Brassus manufacture’s boutiques, exudes exclusivity with its majestically-luminous blue dial.

Blue, epitomizing the sky and the ocean, is an invitation to travel and escape. Its natural elegance has seduced the watchmaking world for ever so long, yet in 2019 an azure cascade was to adorn a myriad of dials. Among these, Villeret Ultraplate stands out through its rare intenseness and its sunray-brushed finish. This variation, produced in just 88 pieces, features all the adornments characteristic of the most classical of Blancpain’s collections. Delicate hollow sage-leaf-style hands point to an hour chapter composed of gold-fashioned Roman numerals. The ensemble is embraced by the signature double-stepped bezel. This streamlined composition offers time data a highly-refined backdrop where no other function or complication dares to tread.

blancpain villeret ultrathin blue closeupThe entirely-polished, 40 mm-diameter, 7.39 mm-thick platinum case hosts the 11A4B caliber assembled with some 131 components. This ultra-slim, 2.8 mm-high, hand-wound movement is also ultra-efficient. Thanks to its two series-coupled barrels, it delivers a 95-hour power reserve to the watch once fully wound, i.e. around 4 days. An indicator details the energy available. Visible through the sapphire-crystal caseback, it reigns over the Côtes de Genève-decorated bridges.

And, to ensure nothing is amiss, blue-wise of course, the Villeret Ultraplate watch is worn on an alligator strap clasped by an ardillon buckle.

Price: CHF27,000

By Dan Diaconu

blancpain fifty fathoms barracuda closeup



Launched in 1953, the dive watch was adopted by diving enthusiasts worldwide. This limited edition commemorates the version distributed in Germany in the 1960s.

Adopted by professional divers as soon as it was introduced, the technical advantages of the Fifty Fathoms were also adopted by oceanographic exploration specialists as well as by the military forces of various countries. For example, the Blancpain dive watch outfitted the wrists of the German navy in the 1960s. It is still supplied by Barakuda, a renowned diving equipment specialist. It is also the company that made a civilian model available in the German market, recognizable through a few esthetic details. On the dial are two-tone rectangular hour-markers and fluorescent hands painted in white. The date is displayed at 3 o’clock. The 2019 Fifty Fathoms Barakuda edition features these details as well. Large red and white hour-markers covered with cream-colored Super-LumiNova® “old radium” are pointed by white-lacquered pencil-shaped hands. The date is displayed in a prominent window. Everything is surrounded by a unidirectional bezel.

blancpain fifty fathoms barracuda closeupLike the original timepiece, the 500 pieces in the Fifty Fathoms Barakuda series are presented on a tropic-style rubber strap.

Price: 13,180 EUR

By Dan Diaconu

blancpain fifty fathoms nageurs combat closeup



Sixty years ago, the watchmaking company created the first modern diver’s watch for the deep-sea missions carried out by the “Nageurs de combat” (Combat Swimmers) military unit. Today, a 300-piece limited edition pays homage to the courage of those ocean experts.

When he joined Blancpain in 1950, Jean-Jacques Fiechter set out to develop a timepiece to accompany professional divers. He himself being passionate about underwater exploration, he understood that such a watch would need to be sturdy, water resistant, reliable and easy to read. Two years later, he was contacted by Robert “Bob“ Maloubier and Claude Riffaud, the founders of the Combat Swimmers, a military unit comprised of formidable divers tasked with deep-sea missions. Named Fifty Fathoms, the watch was born in 1953 and was quickly tested and approved by the Combat Swimmers and added to their kit.

blancpain fifty fathoms nageurs combat closeupOn the matte black dial, the geometric index markers including the famous triangle at 12 o’clock, and the white hour, minute and second hands in the center are generously coated in Super-LumiNova® to make them visible in even the most extreme conditions. A date window at 4:30 completes the information.

The Fifty Fathoms Nageurs de combat is regulated by the automatic 1315 caliber. With three barrels fitted as standard, it provides a power reserve of 5 days (120 hours).

Price: 14,500 CHF

By Sharmila Bertin

blancpain villeret qp 6656 closeup



Exclusively available in the brand’s boutiques, this stylish limited edition revisits a classic which stands out for both its technical and aesthetic qualities.

A Blancpain must-have, the Perpetual Calendar from the Villeret collection is unveiled in a new guise this year with a refined limited edition combining a 40.3 mm platinum case with a sublime midnight blue dial The ultimate in classic watchmaking, this complete calendar simultaneously displays the date, the day of the week, the month and leap year information in a rare easy-to-read format. The main advantage of these skillfully displayed indications is that there is no need to correct them until the next century. In this purely aesthetic advancement, the time information is located in the traditional positions at 3, 9, and 12 o’clock. These are completed with a moon phase at 6 o’clock. Despite these complications, adjustment is not difficult. The brand has patented an easy adjustment system using correctors beneath the horns which make it possible to move the hands of the calendar by simply pressing the small levers located on the back of the case.

blancpain villeret qp 6656 closeupAll the information of this sophisticated calendar including the central second hand and the delicate leaf-shaped hour and minute hands are powered by the 5954 caliber which is revealed through the sapphire case back. This self-winding movement provides an ample power reserve of 72 hours.

The 88 pieces of this exclusive edition each come with an alligator strap in the same shade as the dial and a folding buckle.

Price: 61,870 CHF

By Dan Diaconu

blancpain villeret chinese calendar platinium caseback



The manufacture is celebrating the Year of the Pig with a limited-edition, platinum version of a watch now seen as a major classic in the Villeret collection.

This timepiece is a real technical feat. First launched by Blancpain in 2012, the Villeret Traditional Chinese Calendar is unusual in displaying both the Chinese and the Gregorian calendars. The difference between the two lies in the fact that one month in the Chinese calendar is based on the lunar cycle, whereas the Gregorian calendar keeps time with the sun, lasting 11 days longer. The result? Every two or three years, an extra month is added to the Chinese calendar. Another unusual feature of the division of time means the day is sub-divided into 12 two-hour periods, with the first beginning at 11 p.m. All this information is given material form in the limited edition watch, unveiled for the new Year of the Pig, with counters using Chinese characters. The dial is made of full-fired enamel and includes a discreet portrait of the animal in a counter at 12 o’clock. An opening displays the moon phases at 6 o’clock. The composition is encircled by an hour rim with Roman numerals and a Gregorian calendar with a serpentine hand pointing out the information.

blancpain villeret chinese calendar platinium casebackThe 45mm-wide case of the 50 platinum watches includes five correctors, so that the watch can be adjusted without a tool. Through the sapphire caseback you can admire a white-gold rotor engraved with the year’s zodiac sign. Blancpain is also releasing the Villeret Traditional Chinese Calendar in an unlimited version made of red gold.

Price: 81,830 EUR (platinum) – 61,870 EUR (red gold)

By Dan Diaconu

blancpain metiers art great beauties painting



As the year draws to a close, Blancpain dazzles our eyes and wrists with four models inspired by Chinese culture and history and displaying all the watchmakers’ craftsmanship and artistry

The fascinating history of China is filled with incredible stories that are now part of its popular culture. Out of the many episodes from a rich past, Blancpain has chosen one in particular about the Four Beauties of Ancient China. The watchmakers have not only given us a journey back in time, but also a chance to enjoy their wide-ranging artistic skills. The series of four unique pieces named Métiers d’Art Great Beauties is an ode to beauty, whether of women, like the four characters, or of craftsmanship, in the decorative techniques used.

blancpain metiers art great beauties paintingEach display on the dials of this quartet of Métiers d’Art Great Beauties calls on the artistic skill of the Blancpain craftsmen and women: “Grand Feu” champlevé enamel and engraving with translucent enamel for the Xi Shi version; shakudō (taken from the Japanese art), engraved and enamelled indices with mother-of-pearl for the Diaochan model; marquetry and engraving on gold or mother-of-pearl for the Wang Zhaojun watch; and lastly, painting on miniature enamel for the Yang Guifei piece.

Each timepiece has a 42mm-wide rose gold case with a double-stepped bezel and, on the dial, sage leaf-shaped hands that are the features of the Villeret collection. The hours and minutes are driven by the 13R3A calibre, a hand-wound movement supplying a 8 hours of power reserve.

Series of 4 unique pieces

By Sharmila Bertin