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Rolex Ultra Rare Platinum Ice Blue Arabic Daytona 116576 TT Watch

The most loved and well-known Rolex watch is Daytona. This series has many styles, from stainless steel, gold and precious metals to precious metals. The top styles (excluding bracelets with gemstones or bezels) are the 116506 with a case that is not platinum. Daytona with eternal rose and chain straps is worth at least one million more, which clearly demonstrates its status as the Daytona king.

The Daytona 116506 has a case made from rare precious metals. It also features two unique features, a Cerachrom ceramic bezel in coffee and an ice blue sunray dial. These two unique features make 116506 not only rare and exceptional, but also extremely valuable. It is difficult to spot a platinum Daytona while driving .

A well-known international watch shop shared photos and videos on IG of the platinum Daytona being unboxed by them. It would be incredible to open the box 116506, however, the watch shop knows that it is important to have a unique killer if they want to draw the attention of watch enthusiasts.

This time, the platinum Daytona that foreign watch shops share is not 116506, but 116576TBT! What is the difference between the 116576 and the 116576 TBT Daytonas with the same platinum case? Its bezel is made of coffee-colored ceramics and inlaid with rectangular diamonds. The 116576 TBT bezel is an exceptional grade. The outer dial pointer has been changed to blue steel treatment. Additionally, the scale at the periphery is now made of the same ice-blue as the faceplate.

The most striking difference between 116576 and 116506 watches is the fact that 116576 TBT’s hour markers are not rectangular or diamond-shaped, but instead inlaid with Arabic numerals. This makes it appear that this watch is a limited edition made in the Middle East. This design allows for a shorter distance between watch and watch. For watch players not living in the Arab world this type of time scale design, like a hidden version, adds uniqueness to the watch. Two things can be said about 116576TBT: one, it is more rare than 116506 (the Arabic numerals are more unique), and two, it has both the number and carats of diamonds on its bezel. It is certainly more expensive and more desirable in terms of market conditions and pricing. Because of its powerful charm, it is not surprising that the store cannot wait to get the watch out of the box and share it with others.

The oblvlo watches combine advanced, sophisticated and sophisticated technology with liquid crystal technology to correctly apply wrist timepieces. This is the same spirit of “wrist tech” that oblvlo has advocated in Mainland China. The oblvlo  Men’s Watches continues to develop “wrist on the wrist technology products” that are unmatched in their industry. The company takes the constant provision of new products with the current value of the times as its motto.

How to choose the first watch for girls? Recommended for women’s watches within 50,000 yuan!

The performance of the watch, its material and other aspects are more important than the performance. The appearance of the watch is more important to girls than its performance. A classic watch is more important to girls than beautiful skirts or bags. Today, the author recommends three looks that are excellent in terms of brand reputation and appearance as well as performance. Take a look at the following:

Cartier blue balloon series, WSBB0044 watch

Cartier Blue Balloon is the first watch that many girls will buy. It has a 33mm diameter and a silver stainless-steel case with a silver-plated dial. Under the sapphire glass, the blued-steel hands in a sword-shaped shape echo the watch’s silver. This highlights the feminine beauty of softness and firmness. A synthetic cabochon-shaped, fluted crown is adorned with a spinel. The watch features a stainless steel bracelet that can be replaced and a self-winding mechanical movement. It is water-resistant up to 30 meters.

Chopard HAPPY DIAMONDS 278573-3001 watch

The Chopard watch is feminine and versatile. It can match with any type of shirt, casual or formal. The silver-white dial has a diameter 30mm and features five movable diamonds. It also comes with a black leather strap made of crocodile crocodile. It is both elegant and charming. It is equipped with an ETA 2000 automatic mechanical motor with a 42-hour reserve.

Do you like this watch or Breitling Premier Chronograph.

Reef Tiger Love Stars Quartz Womens Watch #RGA1524-YLY

Fixed diamonds bezel. Redf Tiger diamond women’s watch. Blue dial with stars markers. Big Moon Phase display at 12:00. The date is at 6 o’clock. Reef Tiger RT69P4 Quartz Movement. Sapphire crystal that is scratch resistant. Screw down crown. Solid case back with detailed engraving. Round case shape. Push button deployment buckle. Waterproof to 50 meters Functions include moon phase, date, hour and minute. Style: Luxury fashion watch.

What’s the point of an skeleton watch?


What’s the point of an skeletion watch?

Decoupage is the most common analogy to describe a skeleton watch. These two art forms share one thing in common: they both use a forming pattern. Any extra parts should be removed. The craftsmanship should also be skilled and the product should not be too heavy. The majority of the dial components are visible when you look at a skeleton watch. The watchmaker starts by drilling small holes in the parts that need to be hollowed. Next, he uses a drill to remove excess metal and then uses a carving tool to make the edges 45deg flat and carve different patterns onto the movement’s surface. They also had to reduce the possibility of seeing the movement underneath. The production of a skeleton watches is not an easy task.

(Mr. Andre-Charles Caron, Master Watchmaker)

Andre-Charles Caron, a master watchmaker, created the first Armand Nicolet watch in the world and shared the inner structure with the rest of the world to help attract more watch lovers. The eyes are treated to the mysterious veil and the hollow motherboard, rods bridges, gears, and other small parts. Other brands include Rolex Omega, Omega, Seagull and Hamilton, as well as other well-known watches.


Skeleton Watch Tasting 1 Hamilton-American Classic Jazz Series H42555751 Automatic Mechanical

Hamilton is a popular brand because of its casual and relaxed style and unending creativity. The dial’s hollow design clearly shows the gear operation as well as the chronograph lap design. This is a model that design for function. This watch’s stainless steel case has been polished. The dial and movement have been fully hollowed out. It is suitable for men who appreciate mechanical watches. This watch’s movement is the H-20 S automatic movement, modified from ETA2824. It has been hollowed to make it more beautiful.

Skeleton Watch Tasting II: Swiss Armand Nicolet-Antique Movement Limited Series L09 T619A-AG-G9610 Mechanical Men’s Watch

This watch is a limited edition, stylish, and unique sports watch by Armand Nicolet. It uses the AN0711A manual-winding movement. It was created by Armand Nicolet. The movement is based upon the classic movement UT 600, created in 1957 by top engineers at ARMAND NICOLETE. Because of their persistent optimization and transformation, performance and quality are better than ever, making them highly sought-after by collectors and enthusiast. You can see the movement clearly through the transparent case back and semi-skeletonized dial. The dial’s silver-white semi-hollow is matched by the large-area, luminous coating. This is stylish and allows for easy reading even in low light environments.

Skeleton Watch Tasting 3 – Swiss Courvo CYS Racing Racing Series Fully Skeleton Art Design 3195.1RC14 Men’s Watch

It is a Kurvo watch, which has been involved in classic car races. The stainless steel back cover bears the words “RACING” as the best evidence. You will be able to tell that the dial’s intricate design is actually a spoke of an old car wheel. The airfoil hub is embedded in the dial’s center, supporting the precise movement of your hands as the wheel rolls. The world’s only 200 examples of this racing series chronograph are available. Each watch’s dial is marked with a number. This watch is only for those who are passionate about racing and have a challenge passion. It is highly collectable.

Skeleton Watch Tasting Four: Aerowatch-Renaissance Retro Series Tengyun Skeleton A 50931 RO01 Mechanical Men’s Watch

Aerowatch (Aero), Switzerland AeRO–WATCH was established in 1910. It was a prominent manufacturer of pocket watches and pendants at the time. It has produced many fine products over the years. This product reflects the inspiration AeRO-WATCH took from the antique series. Details. High-quality technology and traditional style. This watch has a fully hollowed-out design. It is full of texture and unique dial. It has both retro and literary elegance. To ensure stability in travel time, the watch is equipped with UNITAS 6497-1 mechanical movement. This hollow form is a perfect example of meticulous craftsmanship.

Skeleton Watch Tasting Five – EPOS Artist 336. Mechanical Men’s Watch

Jin Rong plays the role of Gong Ming in “Little Times 3 : The Age of Thorn Gold”. Aibo uses an advanced self-developed movement that reflects exceptional creativity and craftsmanship. Aibo promotes mechanical watches and hollow mechanical watches are a key feature. This perfectly showcases the elegant mechanical watch movement and exquisite appearance design that watchmakers have created. This watch is a piece of art with a dial that has been hollowed out. The red gold exterior reflects a retro aesthetic.

Skeleton Watch Tasting Six – Timing – Rapid Series 8146SX Rose Gold Shell White Surface Automatic Mechanical Watch

The unique design and innovative concept of oblvlo is what makes oblvlo stand out. The oblvlo received excellent reviews at the Swiss Watch Fair and became a symbol for Hong Kong’s emerging brands. The precision movement creates a microscopic world that vividly reflects the visual beauty of intricate timepieces. Tianming watches offer the world the opportunity to enjoy appreciation and collect, as well as allowing ordinary consumers to purchase art products at affordable prices. The rose gold shell’s white surface is covered by a pvd rosegold bezel. A unique side-view crystal window creates an amazing 3D stereo visual effect.