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harry winston premier candy auto 31 closeup



The end of the year is looking good with the latest addition to the Premier collection by Harry Winston, featuring a dial and case covered in over 300 diamonds and multi-coloured gems.

Harry Winston is the great specialist in precious stones, and especially diamonds, a jeweller’s art that the brand has now included in one of its models: the Premier Candy Automatic 31mm. This is a fascinating fireworks display, an edition limited to just 77 models. Fascinating, first, because of the painstaking work done by the Harry Winston craftsmen and women, and second, for the sparkling beauty of the multicoloured gems covering the dial and overflowing onto the case… and then on the tang buckle attaching this watchmaking jewel to the wrist.

harry winston premier candy auto 31 closeupLike a sweet box containing multi-coloured treats, the dial on the Premier Candy Automatic 31mm contains over 200 brilliant-cut stones with three different sizes and using the snow-setting technique. This jewelled rainbow is made from 108 diamonds, 25 blue Paraiba tourmalines, 24 green tsavorites, 24 orange spessartite garnets, 17 navy blue and 17 sky blue sapphires, 16 red spinels and 13 pink sapphires. The two silvered hour and minute hands, driven by the automatic calibre HW2010 and supplying 40 hours of power reserve, make their way around the dial discreetly.

But the magic is not limited to the dial since the bezel and lugs at 6 and 12 o’clock on the 31mm-wide white-gold case are also coated in sixty or so gems.

A raspberry pink alligator-leather strap completes the wonderfully feminine and elegant effect.

Price on request

By Sharmila Bertin

harry winston midnight chocolate diamond drops closeup



Chocolate brown mother-of-pearl, rose gold and white diamonds: these are the precious ingredients in the recipe made by Harry Winston, helping us take leave of summer without regrets and celebrate the arrival of autumn with due elegance

Nature is the first to show the signs that autumn is coming. As the weeks go by it is transformed, with the leaves on the trees taking on a range of colours: copper, golden and chocolate brown. Sometimes the first star-shaped snowflakes will fall from the sky. This natural but warm transformation has been captured by Harry Winston and made into a watch: the Midnight Chocolate Diamond Drops.

harry winston midnight chocolate diamond drops closeupThe new piece, with a 39mm-wide pink gold case, is decorated with a coat of diamonds. 91 dazzling brilliant-cut gems cover the bezel and extend to the lugs around the gloss brown alligator-leather strap. Beside the crown featuring the initials of the watchmaker-jeweller, the traditional three-part signature evoking the entrance to the Harry Winston salon in New York also includes three diamonds of a slightly larger size.

The dial is covered with a mother-of-pearl disc echoing the same soft chocolate brown colour and comes with six triangular gilded hour markers, along with a rectangular bar at 9 o’clock where the three diamonds are laid. The peacefulness of the chocolate and iridescent design is gently shaken by a shower of precious stones. Like snowflakes of varying sizes, the golden-edged diamonds encroach over the right-hand side of the dial, forming a cluster between 3 and 6 o’clock. In the centre of this autumnal scene are two tapering leaf-shaped hands displaying the hours and minutes, while the date is shown discreetly in a window at 6 o’clock.

Price on request

By Sharmila Bertin

harry winston emerald closeup



With its emerald cut, the favourite shape of the “jeweller to the stars“, the newcomer to the Harry Winston Emerald collection proudly displays a yellow-gold case highlighted with diamonds.

Nicknamed the “king of diamonds“, the New Yorker Harry Winston (1896-1978), a jeweller and the founder of the empire of the same name in 1932, certainly had a passion for precious stones, but also for emerald-cut diamonds. They have a rectangular shape with cut-off corners and step-cut sides to better catch the light and show off the gem. For the Harry Winston brand, this shape has not only become a signature element, but also a watch collection: Emerald. Here, yellow gold has made its come-back to the world of watchmaking, after long being ignored in favour of rose gold – giving this Emerald a special aura, as both vintage and modern. A combination accentuated by its size and the double-looped strap.

harry winston emerald closeupShaped like an emerald-cut diamond, the yellow-gold case is 27.8 x 24mm and 6.10mm thick. It houses a quartz movement that is much appreciated for its accuracy and its practical aspect (no need to wind the watch in the morning or to have to reset it when it hasn’t been worn for a few days). This gold setting is enhanced by a line of 52 diamonds set on the bezel and lugs. And the crown has not been forgotten since it displays a diamond at the centre.

The anthracite-grey sunburst dial follows the outline of the case and features two stick-shaped hands discreetly displaying the hours and minutes. Three diamonds, at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock, are used as hour markers, while a small gilded plate, decorated with the HW logo, is placed at 12 o’clock.

The Harry Winston Emerald watch is worn with a choice of a double-loop straps made of satin to match the dial and a tang buckle set with 11 precious stones, or a yellow-gold Milanese strap enhanced with 103 diamonds.

Price on request

By Sharmila Bertin

harry winston midnight diamond drops closeup



“The diamond king” has taken inspiration from nature with precious raindrops falling against a night-time setting while retaining all of the watchmaker-jewellers’ aesthetic signatures, such as the deep blue colour and emerald-cut diamonds.

The first version of this watch (unveiled in 2014) featured a 39mm-wide case and was driven by a quartz movement. Today, three years later, Harry Winston has reworked the Midnight Diamond Drops, reducing the size of the case to make it the smallest watch in the Midnight collection, and giving it an automatic calibre.

harry winston midnight diamond drops closeup

With its white gold setting measuring 29mm in diameter, the new Midnight Diamond Drops is indeed a small jewel of a watch, both slim and elegant. The case is covered with 64 brilliant-cut diamonds, particularly on the bezel, on the famous triple signature at 6 o’clock and on the lugs linking it to the strap. It houses the calibre HW2010, an automatic movement beating at 21 600 vibrations an hour (3Hz) and providing a power reserve of 40 hours. This mechanism is partially visible through a case back equipped with a sapphire glass window.

Criss-crossed by gentle sun beams, the dial has a deep blue tint inspired by the Hope diamond, an exceptionally beautiful jewel bought by Harry Winston in 1949. The hour rim plays on shapes, with five metallic triangles, two rectangles set with three brilliant-cut diamonds each and – like a star lighting up the sky – a magnificent emerald-cut diamond at 12 o’clock. Naturally, the stars of this jewel-rich show are the diamond raindrops that seem to fall from the top of the dial to gather at the base, like drops of water poured from the sky to form a sparkling pool. 96 brilliant-cut diamonds were used to make this shower of gems. In the centre, two slim hands, like two silvery leaves, display the hours and minutes.

The nocturnal tone on the dial of the Midnight Diamond Drops extends to the blue mother-of-pearl alligator leather strap with a white gold ardillon buckle.

Price on request

By Sharmila Bertin

harry winston midnight date moonphase 36 both views



Harry Winston, “the diamond king“, strikes again! This time, he has created a miniature version of the queen of the night with its iridescent reflections, to bring a thousand sparkling lights to the most elegant wrists.

Since time immemorial, the moon and its vast silver disc has fascinated mankind. Untameable, it wanders across black-blue starry skies, modestly displaying its different moods. Sometimes impressive and full, sometimes discreetly waxing, the queen of the night goes through multiple phases, and each lunation – that is, the period between two new cycles – lasts about 29.5 days. For the greater pleasure of the most romantic among us, whose loved ones want to give us the moon as a gift, Harry Winston has captured the essence of the Earth’s only natural satellite and placed it in a timepiece, the Midnight Date Moon Phase Automatic.

harry winston midnight date moonphase 36 both views

The Midnight Date Moon Phase Automatic model has a 36mm case and is available in two versions, one in pink gold, and the other in white gold, and adorns the wrist with the help of a white alligator strap with an ardillon buckle set with precious stones. The bezel and the lugs extending from it are studded with 83 brilliant-cut diamonds. They are matched by a trio of gems placed on the famous triple arch at 3 o’clock, evoking the entrance-way of the Harry Winston boutique in New York.

With its sapphire crystal, the case back reveals the HW3205 calibre, a self-winding mechanism providing 68 hours of power reserve. The calibre drives the functions and the hour, minute, second and moon phase displays.

The dial on the Midnight Date Moon Phase Automatic model consists of a white mother-of-pearl disc, on top of which two interlaced circles are set to show the double bow of a precious 8. The first circle, highlighted by a ring set with 43 brilliant-cut diamonds, shows the hours and minutes with hands moving across an hour rim with rectangular indexes and three gemstones (at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock). The second circle is a date counter with a hand and a ring, and with figures to show the odd numbers and silver or golden dots for the even numbers. But the star of the dial is at 4 o’clock in a bevelled display of a crescent moon: the queen of the night, in all its splendour, embodied in a pink gold or white gold disc against a galvanic blue mother-of-pearl background. Last but not least, a diamond rounds off the Harry Winston logo, which stretches round the chapter ring in the upper part of the dial.

Price on request.

By Sharmila Bertin



Introducing the Harry Winston Histoire de Tourbillon 7

Harry Winston is continuing to puts its own spin on one of the top complications by unveiling the 7th chapter in its watch saga: Histoire de Tourbillon 7. This time the brand has taken its research even further to bring its clients and fans a limited edition (20 available) showcasing two bi-axial tourbillons.


The complications (framed in red or anthracite depending on the model) lie at 8 and 10 o’clock and have the same structure but different frequencies and speeds (one with 45 seconds and the other with 75 seconds). It’s all linked up and controlled by a spherical differential. The manual wind HW4502 calibre brings to life the fabulous complication and time functions.

The hours and minutes pop out of the openwork dial as the two hands on the left of the dial glide over pyramid markers above a cylindrical power reserve.

Price on request

By Sharmila Bertin


Introducing the Harry Winston Emerald

Two things inspired the creation of the Emerald collection. First thing: in 1949, New Yorker Harry Winston (1896-1978) bought an intense gem of exceptional size and composition, the Hope diamond, before parting with it in 1958. Second thing: the jeweller’s favourite gem cut was the emerald cut (rectangle with truncated corners). These two things have joined forces to create a rectangular timepiece in electric blue.

The small white gold case is reminiscent of an emerald paved with 53 brilliant-cut diamonds. The HW 1040 quartz movement inside the watch brings to life two small silver hands tracking the hours and minutes. The hour rim on the softly sunburst dial sparkles subtly: three diamonds at 3, 6 and 9 and an HW insignia at 12.

This dazzling watch has a blue satin twin strap with a diamond and white gold buckle to wrap it around your wrist.

Price upon request

By Sharmila Bertin

HARRY WINSTON – Premier Pearly Lace Automatic 36mm

Harry Winston – Premier Pearly Lace Automatic 36mm

If “the soul of a diamond is the light” as French author Joseph Joubert (1754-1824) wrote in his Pensées, then mother-of-pearl is the setting. The shimmering organic matter lights up gemstones and makes them shine brighter, just like the fabulous Premier Pearly Lace Automatic 36mm designed by Harry Winston.

As you’d expect of the brand founded by the so-called “king of diamonds”, its ladies’ watches have spell-binding dials. The artisans at Harry Winston have placed a painstakingly crafted layer of blue mother-of-pearl that’s approximately 0.20mm thick on the Premier Pearly Lace Automatic’s blue mother-of-pearl dial. Two silver spear-shape hands burst from the heart of the shimmering openwork bloom.

The time functions are brought to life by the self-winding HW2008 calibre inside the white gold case dazzling with 57 brilliant-cut diamonds.

Price on request

By Sharmila Bertin

HARRY WINSTON – Midnight Diamond Stalactites Automatic

Harry Winston – Midnight Diamond Stalactites Automatic

Winter spirit glows from the shimmering dial of the latest Harry Winston piece. Inspired by long ice formations moulded by dripping water and frozen by the cold, delicate diamond stalactites form the name of this dazzling watch: Midnight Diamond Stalactites Automatic.

The vertical strips of different lengths which seem to melt are made up of 161 brilliant-cut diamonds. Their intense shine is elevated by the reflection off the gleaming mother-of-pearl. The stalactites echo two rose gold markers each paved with three diamonds at 3 and 9 o’ clock along with five triangular markers at the base of the dial.

Two gold hour and minute hands burst from the winter wonderland brought to life by the self-winding HW2008 calibre. The 36mm rose gold case’s bezel, three “claws” at 3 o’ clock and lugs are adorned with 84 diamonds.

Price upon request

By Sharmila Bertin

HARRY WINSTON – Premier Moon Phase 36mm

In dazzling white reminiscent of winter’s softer side, the latest rose gold watch by Harry Winston from The Premier CollectionTM glitters with 105 brilliant-cut diamonds totalling approximately 2.58 carats. The Premier Moon Phase’s 36mm case has a closed back housing the HW5201 calibre, a quartz movement that brings to life the hours, minutes, date display and moon phase. The slightly openwork moon phase lies in the heart of the shimmering translucent dial and its blue mother-of-pearl disc is elevated by a golden moon and 18 diamonds. Two spear-shape hour and minute hands burst from the heart of the opalescent dial and glide around 12 diamond hour markers and minute track gleaming with gold beads. A bevelled rose gold display at the bottom of the dial showcases the black-on-white date at 6. Price upon request. Sharmila Bertin