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The history of Piaget watches

Piaget, using its exceptional design and functionality heritage dating back a century, has risen from an unknown origin to one of the most sought after and respected luxury watch manufacturers in the world. Behind the charm and The Piaget Emperador Coussin XL 700P  is an extraordinary history, whose long history stems from the dedication to precision, exquisiteness and the greatest principles of Swiss watchmaking. For experienced haute watch collectors and history fans, Piaget’s history from the past to the current deserves a closer look.

Paaget high-end watches
By obscurity to acclaim From the beginning, he had been obsessed with the unparalleled tradition of the Swiss watchmaking industry. This quality standard made Piaget luxury watches famous all over the world.
It’s worth noting that the motto of Georges-Édouard Piaget is”Always do better than necessary.” This principle guided the direction of watchmaking for the next few decades. From the 1920s, Piaget In the supply of precision motion and internal watch components, it was handed over to a leading Swiss watch manufacturers to create their own high-end luxury timepieces.
The history of this next generation Piaget headed by Giarald and Valentin Piaget was further expanded, and in 1945 that the most innovative manufacturing was built in the brand’s historical Côte-aux-Fées hometown center. Almost a hundred years after his grandfather’s instructions exceeded the crucial requirements, Valentin Piaget expressed his mission:”Do things which have never been done before.” Within the next few years, this guiding ideal will reshape the image and performance of the brand. Piaget luxury watches will acquire international praise not just for their quality but also for their distinctive artistry.

piaget watchesHistory of prestige and innovation
Piaget’s history combines the latest technological inventions and forward-looking aesthetics, and in the late 1950s it began to establish an indelible mark for the watch market. The ultra-thin fashion impressed the participants. Just 3 years later, Piaget utilized cutting-edge micro-rotor technology to manufacture 12P, the thinnest automatic movement on the planet.
Together with the brand’s participation in good metal processing and gem setting methods, and the constitution of a studio at the prestigious region of ​​Geneva, Switzerland, Piaget luxury watches continue to develop. In 1963, Piaget famously developed a dial made of decorative rock, which was the earliest such dial on earth.
Piaget’s history may have started with men’s luxury timepieces, but the appeal of women increased in the second half of the 20th century. Piaget luxury watches are worn with several iconic female characters like Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor and Jacqueline Kennedy. This high fame and prestige prompted Piaget to further enter the field of cutting-edge design and regard its own image as a distinctive artistic brand. Back in 1967, Piaget and artist Salvador Dali pioneered a particular job, which led to a lot of years of collaboration with exceptional artists.

Paaget men's watches
An ongoing legacy of unparalleled design excellence
Through the 1970s and 1980s, the history of the Earl (Yiag G. Piaget) continued to the fourth generation. She mimicked the Piaget Polo watch published in 1979, which has the prestige and power of this European sports tradition. As a heirloom quality timepiece and also a status symbol, Piaget luxury watches for men and women continue to be admired by people. Perhaps the most famous is that Piaget watches are well famous for their design reflecting the current age, while remaining true to the original legacy of Swiss watchmaking.
In the last few decades, Piaget has enlarged its range and allure through a series of exquisite luxury jewelry. In 1990, the brand expanded to incorporate the iconic jewelry collection Possession. Exactly like the custom of Piaget luxury watches, Piaget jewellery is well-known globally for its outstanding craftsmanship and outstanding execution. The definition of the collection is bold and refined aesthetics, including diamond accessories, pure gold craftsmanship and luxurious information. Piaget’s rings, bracelets and necklaces have been favorites of collectors, who like understated elegance and jewelry designs.
Continuing the history of the 21st century Piaget, the brand established a new studio called Plan-les-Ouates at Geneva in 2001. It’s worth noting that the Piaget continued to exist within its historic Côte-aux-Fées home and never seemed to eliminate touch with the root cause. Considering that Piaget was founded nearly 150 decades ago, it’s continuously amazed the world with various fashionable and Piaget Altiplano Chronograph watch.In every age of this new, Piaget has ever been committed to innovation, elegance and art.

piaget possession



At the recent SIHH, Piaget unveiled six new jewellery watches in its Possession collection, brilliantly combining sparkling diamonds, a spirit of fun and timeless elegance.

The jewellery collection, Possession, was created in 1990. A few years later, watches were added to the collection, taking up the rounded, playful spirit of the jewellery. They included all the main time features and were designed for the most refined wrists. And Piaget is continuing the pursuit of elegance this year with six dazzling, new pieces in its famous half-jewellery, half-watchmaking family. There are three new models and three different versions. Colours are combined with shimmering diamonds: a delicious cherry pink, a white, iridescent mother-of-pearl and a warm shade of pink gold.

piaget possessionAll the watches are powered by a quartz movement, the calibre 56P, bringing to life the silver or golden baton-shaped hands for the hours and minutes. The pink or white gold cases of the Possession models are crowned with revolving bezels covered in diamonds that are either 29 or 34mm wide.

One of the specialities that has made Piaget’s reputation is the use of colour. These models are no exception, with two dials in flamboyant pink with 11 diamond indices. An alligator leather strap echoes the dynamic colour and rounds off the effect.

The jeweller-watchmaker has stood out from the beginning for its work in jewel-setting and proves it again this time by covering all the dials of these models with 142 or 239 gem stones. One of them comes with a “diamond river” bracelet with a total of 8.87 carats.

The brand’s skills are also visible in the work on metal, handled in a traditional way like a precious fabric. This can be seen in the pink-gold bracelet with a mother-of-pearl dial in the centre.

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By Sharmila Bertin

piaget polo green dial closeup



Discreetly unveiled at the SIHH 2019, the new Polo by Piaget is made of steel with lines of green adding a delicate touch of spring to the wrist.

If there is one trend not to be missed this year, then it’s the rise of green! The colour has always been around, especially in the collections of a handful of watch brands, but in 2019 it has become a force to be reckoned with. And that’s a very good thing, because whether it is emerald, duck green or almond, green symbolises freshness, spring and nature. Among the new models launched at the SIHH, Piaget unveiled a new version of its automatic Polo watch with a dynamic green dial.

piaget polo green dial closeupThe watch face features fine horizontal grooves, like a sailor shirt, and is coated in mint green with a touch of blue. Only the minute scale, the name Piaget and the word “automatic“, all coloured white, are placed on a smooth surface. The time elements are painted silver to stand out elegantly above this miniature prairie. The luminous markers on the hour rim, as well as the date counter at 6 o’clock, are designed in a trapeze shape. In the centre, two sword-type hands, also coated in lume, and a second hand featuring a counterweight with the brand’s initial in a frame, show the hours, minutes and seconds.

These functions are driven by the calibre 1110P, a self-winding movement running at a frequency of 4hz and providing a power reserve of 50 hours. The mechanism is housed in a 42mm-wide cushion-shaped steel case with a thick, brushed bezel around the dial.

The Polo by Piaget is worn with a forest-green alligator leather strap with a folding clasp.

Price: 9,500 CHF

By Sharmila Bertin

piaget altiplano meteorite profile closeup



Finding a meteorite is like looking for a needle in a haystack. It’s better when it falls into the right hands, like those of the craftsmen who have given life to this watch.

Are you looking for an elegant watch with a unique dial? The Piaget Altiplano Meteorite will be officially launched at the next Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie in Geneva in January 2019. It has all the attractions you could wish for. Its slim 40mm-wide gold case houses a surprising stone disc that fell out of the sky. That it to say, the dial is cut from a fragment of grey meteorite. The disc has an unusual texture, known as a Widmanstätten pattern, named after the Austrian scientist who identified it in the 19th century. The texture contains oblique stripes set close together and indicating a high amount of iron and nickel alloy that has been heated to extreme temperatures of over 1,000 C° and was then suddenly cooled down. It takes great dexterity to cut out the dials. The result is always highly individual, making each one of the 300 watches in this limited edition truly unique.

piaget altiplano meteorite profile closeupIn this decor of unvarnished elegance are placed some delicate gold indices, with slim hour and minute hands. Only a counter at 3 o’clock is cut into the surface of the piece of meteorite. The watch is powered by an extra-flat automatic movement. The calibre 1203P will keep the time information running for 44 hours, along with the date.

The Piaget Altiplano Meteorite comes with a grey alligator leather strap equipped with a rose gold tang buckle.

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By Dan Diaconu

piaget extremely lady closeup



Designed to enhance the beauty of the female wrist, the Extremely Lady watch is a condensed form of the creative, artisanal and artistic skills that Piaget has mastered for decades.

Here, there is light everywhere. The gentle light conveyed by pink gold, the dazzling light produced by diamonds and the changing light of mother-of-pearl. Extremely Lady is a small watch that attracts the eye, a gem bringing beauty to the wrist while discreetly telling the time. With this elegant model, Piaget wanted to put the insouciance and glamour of the 1960s back into the spotlight, but also the creative daring that was so abundant in that golden era.

piaget extremely lady closeup

The Extremely Lady watch case has an oval silhouette – somewhat rare in watchmaking – and measures 27x22mm. This pink-gold setting is crowned by a bezel set with diamonds – 24 brilliant-cut precious stones forming a sparkling band with light rebounding on the white mother-of-pearl dial. Two stick-shaped pink-gold hands move around this iridescent surface without indices to display the hours and minutes in complete simplicity.

The element that makes for the charm of this Piaget is without doubt the pink-gold strap with a slide clasp. Textured like dense weave, it evokes the rich thickness of tweed with an apparently anarchic graphic design, but which is in fact perfectly mastered. The motif is known as “natural fur” and has been painstakingly made by hand using a small tool similar to a chisel and an engraving technique that cuts tiny notches in the strap itself.

The Extremely Lady model is driven by the calibre 56P, a quartz movement designed by Piaget.

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By Sharmila Bertin

piaget altiplano ultimate automatic 910p profil



Since 1957, Piaget has been bringing enchantment to watchmaking with creations filled with finesse and elegance. The new Altiplano is now the flattest self-winding watch in the world.

2017 saw the 60th anniversary of Piaget’s flagship watch, the Altiplano. To mark the year with brio, the brand has unveiled a new timepiece, turning all its skills towards the extra flat. The Altiplano Ultimate Automatic is just 4.30mm thick and is actually the slimmest self-winding mechanical watch in the world. To achieve this feat, the calibre and its design have been blended to the utmost. It’s as if the 41mm-wide case and the movement were as one! The 238 components in the mechanism have been designed and assembled with this record in mind. Three years of development were needed in this quest to optimise space. The performances, too, are all present and correct. The calibre 910P, with its gold peripheral rotor coated in black PVD, provides an ample power reserve of about 50 hours.

piaget altiplano ultimate automatic 910p profil

Like in the other models in the collection, the Altiplano Ultimate Automatic has given refinement pride of place. Two versions are available, one in pink gold and the other in grey gold. Both are worn with an elegant strap made of black alligator leather and with a tang buckle.

Price on request

By Dan Diaconu

piaget altiplano pocket watch 60th anniversary table clock



To celebrate 60 years of its extra-thin watch, Piaget unveils an original interpretation in the form of an elegant pocket watch combined with a desk stand.

Piaget is celebrating 60 years of its iconic Altiplano. To mark the occasion, at the beginning of the year, the company produced a range of magnificent, coloured versions of its extra-thin watch. Like the climax of a firework display, the highpoint of this range is the Altiplano 60th Anniversary Pocket Watch! It is a very uncluttered design, and has all the striking aspects needed to attract collectors and modern-day dandies. Set on an elegant blue, calfskin string with a pin buckle, this limited series of 26 pieces appears in an imposing 50mm-diameter white gold case. The intense blue of its sunray dial contrasts with the slim hands and the white gold markers typical of the collection. In the centre, a discreet blue cross is reminiscent of the historic models of the 1950s.

piaget altiplano pocket watch 60th anniversary table clock

This timepiece is powered by an ultra-thin, self-winding movement. The 1200P does not exceed 2.35mm in thickness, and offers a power reserve of 44 hours for the watch. Its outstanding finish, Côtes de Genève, “perlé” bridges and plates and angled bridges, can be seen through the sapphire caseback.

This piece can be protected with a leather pouch, but there is no incentive to leave it inside! Indeed, Piaget has had the good idea of creating a sublime blue straw marquetry desk stand. Using this craftsman-made product to hold the Altiplano 60th Anniversary Pocket Watch in its allotted place, its owner can enjoy this really exceptional watch at any time.

Price: €66,500

By Dan Diaconu

piaget emprerador coussin repetition minutes profile



The battle for finesse has been hard fought over the past few years. And to date, the winner is none other than Piaget, with its ultra-thin timepiece from the Emperador collection.

Along with the aesthetic beauty on display in the Piaget Cushion Minute-Repeater Ultra-Thin Emperador, what makes this a particularly interesting watch is the technical complexity involved in making it. The timepiece has set a double record in its category, not only with a calibre that is just 4.8 mm thick, but also because of the watch case – a mere 9.4 mm thick.

piaget emprerador coussin repetition minutes profile

The watch’s movement, the calibre 1290P, is currently the slimmest in the world, and provides the timepiece with hour, minute and minute-repeater functions, as well as a power reserve of 40 hours. Piaget’s quest for slimness is such that some of the watch’s elements are just 0.12mm thick, and others only 0.07mm – the thickness of a hair! Developing the self-winding minute-repeater movement and steel gongs took no less than three years of intensive work before achieving the exceptionally clear and warm chimes. The 48mm pink-gold case plays a vital role in transmitting the sound, since it is open-worked, providing the best possible transmission of the gong vibration. The dial, fitted with sapphire glass, reveals the dance of the elements in the Cushion Minute-Repeater Ultra-Thin Emperador movement – 407 of them in all!

Price: CHF284,000

 By Isabelle Guignet

piaget polo s black closeup



S for steel, but also S for style. Piaget makes a big impact with an elegant chronograph at home in town or in the gym.

If Piaget stands out in the world of elegant, extra-flat men’s watches, then with the new Polo S collection the watchmakers also show they can make models in a very contemporary style and with a sports look. Among them, the Polo S Black chronograph has all the features to attract lovers of beautiful watchmaking. Exit the original design on round or square gold watches from the late 1970s – Piaget takes up the idea of a cushion-shaped dial inside a round, 42mm-wide steel case, resulting in a watch with an elegant outline. The visual effect is enhanced by the appropriate presence of a black bezel coated in ADLC.

piaget polo s black closeup

The Polo S features a highly attractive horizontal black guilloché dial, where dauphine hour and minute hands and a seconds hand with a red dot move around luminous indices. Two bicompax counters display short-time measurements. There is a date counter is at 6 o’clock. All these functions are driven by a self-winding mechanical movement, the Piaget 1160P, which is revealed through the sapphire case back. This manufacture calibre provides the watch with 50 hours of power reserve.

The Polos S Black chronograph, produced in a limited edition of 888 pieces, is worn with a black rubber strap. It also comes with a second black calfskin strap. The result? It can adorn your wrist in any situation, when you are wearing a made-to-measure suit at a business meeting or you’re hanging out with friends at the weekend.

Price: €13,950

By Dan Diaconu

piaget altiplano 34mm collection



The Altiplano saga, celebrating its 60th anniversary this year, continues with a version for slimmer wrists and watches adorned with soft tones.

The Piaget brand is marking 2017 with its iconic Altiplano, while remaining true to its great speciality: colour, and more precisely, coloured gems. The brilliance of soft colour blends with the magic of minerals to give birth to a colourful trio of Altiplano 34mm watches designed for the 60th anniversary of the first timepiece from the collection.

piaget altiplano 34mm collection

The three Altiplano 34mm watches share the same ultra-slim case and mechanical movement. The metal setting, available in white gold with or without a bezel set with diamonds or in pink gold topped with 72 cut diamonds, measures, in fact, just 34mm in diameter. As for the mechanism driving the hours and minutes, it is the 430P automatic calibre made by Piaget and provides a power reserve of about 43 hours.

The differences between each of these timepieces lie in the colour and the material used for the watch face, which is filled with applied indices and houses two stick-shaped hands. Radiant with its raspberry tone, mysterious with its semi-opaque disc or iridescent with its white opal face, the Altiplano 34mm is also a watch that plays with the fire of the diamonds set on its bezel.

If the only power possessed by the deep pink version is to provide a bright colour, the turquoise and white opal, on the other hand, have a strong symbolic content, since the first is the gem of eternal youth and the second acts as a lucky talisman.

The Altiplano 34mm model with the pink watch face is available in 360 pieces with polished bezel and 360 with a jewelled bezel, while the models dressed in turquoise and opal are each limited to 38 pieces.

Price on request.

By Sharmila Bertin