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corum admiral cup one openworked closeup



The skeleton version has evolved with a new caliber. The result? The date disappears and the dial architecture is airier and very contemporary.

corum admiral cup one openworked closeupThe CO 297 caliber displays its gear train and balance wheel. Once wound, the self-winding movement gives the watch a 42-hour power reserve.

The AC-One 45 Openwork Automatic also comes with a new watchband that has a bi-material folding buckle. Its shaped rubber surface and synthetic textile interior were selected by Corum for optimum wearing comfort.

Price: upon request

By Dan Diaconu

corum golden bridge titanium piano



Corum’s Golden Bridge is famous for its visible baguette movement, like a skyscraper at the centre of the dial. The watch boasts a striking design and a round titanium case coated in black DLC

In 1980, almost 40 years ago, the Golden Bridge was launched. The “baguette” movement, created by the watchmaker Vincent Calabrese, caught the attention with its linear cogwheels and an arrangement that literally hung in the air inside a rectangular case. The angular watch produced by Corum has always been a source of visual, but also of technical magic. Today the collection is joined by two new circular versions. Far from being a sacrilege, they show an architectural development involving a geometry of shapes with a rectangle set inside the circle.

corum golden bridge titanium pianoThe titanium DLC case on the two Golden Bridge watches is 43mm wide and 8.80mm thick. The timepieces are worn with a black textured rubber strap, rounded off by a folding clasp.

Price: 23,800 CHF (titanium and rose gold) – 23,500 CHF (titanium and white gold)

By Sharmila Bertin

corum mini bubble lifestyle



The Bubble family has just got bigger! Born this summer, Corum’s new creation attracts the eye with a palette of refreshing colours crowned with precious or fine stones and an ultra mini diameter!

And now the Bubble family has a little sister! For a long time, Corum explored different types of dial (by varying colours or patterns and sometimes both) and focused on large watches (42, 47 and 52mm, in order of size) in this watch collection, but has now opted to concentrate on smaller watches, mainly for women. And if you’re going to go small, then you might as well go really small! So here is the latest addition to the range: the Mini Bubble.

corum mini bubble lifestyleEven though the Mini Bubble borrows from the design elements of its predecessors, with its circular steel case, ultra-rounded sapphire glass for a “magnifying glass” effect and the bubble-shaped crown with a rubber grip, it still stands out with its own personality. The watch comes in a trio of colours: bright blue, half way between turquoise and peacock blue; red vermillion with a hint of burgundy, and a delicately amber-tinted beige. Each one has a bezel set with 36 stones to match the colour of the dial, including topazes, rubies and diamonds, to add light and sparkle. The alligator leather strap, also in a matching colour and rounded off with a steel tang buckle, contribute to the overall harmony.

The 17-mm-wide steel case is water-resistant down to 30m. It contains a quartz movement, the calibre CO137. The calibre drives the wide, curved leaf-shaped hands for the hours and minutes.

What is small is often precious, and the Mini Bubble watches by Corum are limited to 18 pieces for each colour.

Price: 4,300 CHF

By Sharmila Bertin

corum admiral 45 skeleton closeup



Tired of monochrome? Then choose colour! Corum has introduced some welcome changes with the watch mechanism now playing a design role.

Since 1960, the Admiral collection has sailed over fashions and trends. This pillar of the Corum brand stands out with its seafaring spirit. The new versions introduced at Baselworld 2018 continue to maintain this unique identity. So on the Admiral 45 Skeleton, you can see the famous twelve-section bezel with its twelve engraved pennants. For these new versions, as its name implies, the dial has given way to a spectacular openwork staging. The mechanical movement is of course visible, but attention particularly centres on the figures that seem to be floating. They show the date, displayed in a counter with a solid background at 6 o’clock. This “airborne” design is boosted by the range of bright colours – turquoise, yellow or red. The colours are echoed on elements of the watch case and on the central second hand. The overall result is dynamic and refreshing, and highlighted by a 45mm-wide titanium case that is water-resistant down to 300m.

corum admiral 45 skeleton closeupTwo wide dauphine-style hands move above the mechanism. They are driven by the calibre C0 082, a self-winding movement providing 42 hours of power reserve once the watch is fully wound.

To reinforce the sports-chic style, the Admiral 45 Skeleton comes with a vulcanised rubber strap in a colour matching the date counter. In the near future, Corum is planning to make bespoke models. In the meantime, seven models, each available in 288 pieces, are on offer, with three made of natural titanium and four of matt-black PVD titanium.

Price: 9,950 EUR

By Dan Diaconu

corum bubble us uk collection



The Corum Bubble collection is prolific! Draped with the American and British flags, two new timepieces in steel or two-tone and yet another XXL option in the official colours of the United States.

Since it was literally brought back to life in 2015, the Bubble collection has continued to grow. For Corum, the unparalleled silhouette, thick sapphire crystal and magnifying glass look of this watch has become quite a provocative means of creative expression. Whilst some think it’s too funky, or in bad taste, others find it artistic, fun and original. Be that as it may, one thing’s for sure, the Bubble is a real head-turner! Two new watches have just been added to this prolific range featuring dials draped in the United States flag and United Kingdom Union Jack. Apart from that, nothing shocking. Everyone has the right to a bit of patriotism and to be proud of their native land or adopted country. On the other hand, the names of these two new timepieces may be somewhat disruptive: Bubble America First and Bubble Brexit. Inspired by current political developments, or such recent controversies as Donald Trump’s slogan and Britain’s decision to leave the European Union, Corum goes beyond creative expression, attaching a strong message to these new models.

corum bubble us uk collection

Available in limited editions of 87 each, both the Bubble America First and Bubble Brexit cases are in steel and measure 47mm in diameter. The back side of the sapphire crystal provides a small glimpse of the the calibre CO 082 and an automatic movement that boasts a 42-hour power reserve, driving the hour, minute and second display on the front. Leaf-like hands sport a Super-LumiNova® blue finish for the hour and red for the minute whilst the second hand features a white circle detail. Unique in its own right, there are also two-tone Bubble America First and Bubble Brexit options boasting rose gold bezels and ball-shaped crowns.

Go big with the XXL United States flag model, the Bubble Big Bubble. Measuring 52mm in diameter, it features steel case (87 available) or steel and rose gold (1 only) options, housing a calibre CO 403 and automatic movement that drives the same features as the smaller models and providing a 65-hour power reserve.

Prices available upon request

By Sharmila Bertin

corum bubble 47 squelette collection



The Chaux-de-Fonds brand has turned one of its signature models into a colourful openwork timepiece. Some of the movement has been brightened up to give our wrists a fresh look this summer!

The Bubble watch by Corum has seen it all, done it all…nearly! Its unique personality enables it to be whatever it wants to be depending on its mood or fancy. The Bubble is joyful first and foremost. Games of chance, shape or material: this watch has been a bold billiard ball, an optical illusion mosaic of cubes, an unknown planet, a red python, an iris, a dice and a shimmering sky blue disc.

Summer is on its way so Corum has stripped down its star model to the bare minimum to reveal some of its movement and to adorn it in flashy colours. Vibrant blue is paired with two eye-catching hues on the three Bubble 47 Skeleton watches.

corum bubble 47 squelette collection

The timekeeping trio is brought to life by the self-winding CO 082 calibre on an ETA base. The movement fuels the hour/minute/second functions (in the centre of the dial), buzzes at 28,800 vph (4Hz) and provides a 42-hour power reserve.

The 47mm steel or black PVD-coated steel case features the iconic domed sapphire crystal with a magnifying effect. A spyglass in sapphire crystal covers the back.

The dial-free Bubble 47 Skeleton plays with its mechanical movement’s architectural features to form a watch face. The components in the foreground are blue whilst those in the background are green or purple (exc. the monochrome model). The hours, minutes and seconds are tracked by two statement leaf-shape hands and a lollipop central seconds hand in rhodium or black coated in white, green or purple Super-LumiNova®.

A blue vulcanised rubber strap with a deployment clasp gives a comfortable fit to the new watch from Corum.

Price: 6,500 CHF

By Sharmila Bertin

corum golden bridge rectangle closeup



After featuring barrel and rounded shapes, the flagship watch of the collection has adopted the rectangle bringing out a horizontal movement decorated with spirals, and adorned by a highly architectural hour rim.

A few weeks before BaselWorld 2017, Corum invited the specialised press based in Switzerland to a lunch in the presence of its managing director, Davide Traxler. During the meal, the brand from La Chaux-de-Fonds presented its new timepieces, including the Golden Bridge Rectangle model.

corum golden bridge rectangle closeup

Sculpted like a gold bar, the watch case of the Golden Bridge Rectangle is 42.20mm long, 29.50mm wide and 9.30mm thick. The result is a fine pink gold rectangle with delicately rounded angles and a body prolonged to form the lugs in a harmonious way. Like the Golden Bridge collection, this model has neither a watch face nor a back in order to highlight the CO113 calibre. This horizontal, self-winding mechanism is made up of gold bridges and a main-plate, and features acanthus leaves engraved in counter relief. These precious leaves are encircled by thick markers with brushed Roman numerals spanning out from the movement towards the case and forming geometric branches.

Between the barrel at 6 o’clock and the escapement at 12 o’clock, two stick-shaped rhodium and faceted hands are set, displaying the hours and minutes. The CO113 calibre provides a power reserve of 40 hours.

A brown alligator strap rounded off by a pink gold deployment clasp completes this new watch made by Corum.

Price: 39,900 CHF

By Sharmila Bertin

corum bubble 8 ball closeup



Corum has designed a few of its Bubble collection models around the world of gambling, and in particular this timepiece that reiterates the famous black billiards ball which is meant to bring good luck… or bad luck.

“Stand out” (from the crowd) is an expression that Corum literally uses for almost all its watch launches. Already illustrated back in 2000 when the watchmaker released its first Bubble timepiece that wowed with its magnifying glass effect created by the sapphire crystal on its dial. In 2015, La Chaux-de-Fonds brand repeated the experience with a new version of the watch, bigger – the diameter was now 47 mm instead of 44 mm – and with a checkerboard-patterned face. This year, it’s a whole series, based on the world of gaming, that Corum invites us to admire, including this Bubble 8 Ball.

corum bubble 8 ball closeup

Unlike the other pieces of this one-of-a-kind selection, Bubble 8 Ball is not laden with colours but proposes an ever-so graphical black and white harmony, though with black taking pride of place. The black-lacquered brass disc of its dial is decorated with a white lozenge, with a black-figured 8, set at… 8 o’clock! This is, of course, the famous 8-ball, the black ball, star of any billiards show. This sphere is, generally-speaking, the one that must be pocketed last out of the 15 on the green gaming table to win the round. If pocketed before, the player loses the game.

The domed sapphire crystal enveloping the dial intensifies the billiards-ball effect as well as the size of the two large open-worked baton-style hands set in the dial centre. The hands display the hours and minutes – the minute tracker is engraved in white on the black flange – whilst a silvered, circle-tipped direct-drive ticks away the seconds.

The timepiece’s C0082 calibre, housed in a 47 mm-diameter steel case and visible through the sapphire crystal caseback, drives the hour, minute and second functions. This self-winding movement also offers a 42-hour power reserve.

A bimetallic Bubble 8 Ball version is also available, with bezel and ball-crown fashioned in rose gold. Both of these Corum models are retailed in 88-piece limited editions.

Price on request

By Sharmila Bertin

corum lady golden bridge round collection



Corum, the company based in La Chaux-de-Fonds, offers a new, precious setting to showcase their famous baguette movement

As long as the Golden Bridge watch has existed, you might be so bold as to say that it has essentially concentrated on unconventional, barrel-shaped cases, whose curved rectangular shape contrasted with the linear nature of their movements. This year, Corum has decided to give the watch a new case, more conformist and traditional, without becoming banal, even so – a bubble of gold through which the famous calibre appears in all its splendour, rimmed with a double row of diamonds: Lady Golden Bridge Round.

Six models set with precious stones make up this new family of watches – three in rose gold and three in white gold, including a “Rainbow” version topped with a bezel set with coloured stones. This version presents a sparkling rainbow of translucid pastel colours, made up of sapphires (blue, pink, yellow and cognac), soft green tsavorite garnets and sky-blue aquamarines. Apart from the bezel on the Rainbow model, all the 39mm cases are covered in brilliant-cut white diamonds, on the bezel and the lugs.

corum lady golden bridge round collection

The absence of a dial and the transparency of the Lady Golden Bridge Round’s sapphire-crystal back allow an unobstructed view of the horizontal CO113 calibre, manufactured by Corum. This mechanical, manual wind movement, engraved with scrolls that partially hide the golden inner workings, gives the display of the hours and minutes its rhythm, while providing a 40-hour power reserve.

The dial of the Lady Golden Bridge Round is surrounded by a band of diamonds all along the chapter ring, while the two slightly curved bridges surrounding the baguette calibre are also set with precious stones. Two semi-circles designed in translucid, coloured resin (emerald, azure, navy, pastel pink or red), pleated like fans, extend from the 10 o’clock to the 2 o’clock positions, and from the 4 o’clock to the 8 o’clock positions. Cut-outs form the silhouette of the hour markers and the Roman numerals 6 and 12, swept by a pair of baton-shaped silver or golden hands.

Price: 49,200 CHF (rose gold) – 54,700 CHF (white gold) – 55,700 CHF (Rainbow)

By Sharmila Bertin



The legend of the oceans is back!

Corum has unveiled new takes on its famous watch intrinsic to the sailing world

Corum was founded in 1955 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, the checkerboard town at the foot of the Jura hills in the Neuchâtel canton. Five years later it designed a watch that’s now a brand icon: Admiral’s Cup. Over time this square watch with a sailboat engraved on the back was redesigned in 1983 (with pennant flags on the dial and a dodecagonal bezel) and again in 2006. This same collection was chosen to celebrate Corum‘s 60th anniversary in 2015 with the unveiling of the Admiral’s Cup Legend 42 Flying Tourbillon.


This year the brand has launched a watch with the sporty collection’s signature design: Admiral Legend 42 Automatic. It comes in two dial colours, white ivory and navy, with the same applied pennant time markers painted and placed on a blue background, the famous twelve-sided bezel and geometric shape on the chapter ring. The two silver openwork dauphine-shape hour and minute hands lie in the centre whilst the current seconds appear in a counter off-centre at 6 which brings to mind a ship’s wheel. The date display lies discreetly in a pennant flag at 3.

The 42mm steel case is fuelled by a self-winding CO395 calibre that you can glimpse through the sapphire back. The movement fuels the time and date functions along with the 42-hour power reserve.

Price: 3,900 CHF

By Sharmila Bertin