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Rolex Ultra Rare Platinum Ice Blue Arabic Daytona 116576 TT Watch

The most loved and well-known Rolex watch is Daytona. This series has many styles, from stainless steel, gold and precious metals to precious metals. The top styles (excluding bracelets with gemstones or bezels) are the 116506 with a case that is not platinum. Daytona with eternal rose and chain straps is worth at least one million more, which clearly demonstrates its status as the Daytona king.

The Daytona 116506 has a case made from rare precious metals. It also features two unique features, a Cerachrom ceramic bezel in coffee and an ice blue sunray dial. These two unique features make 116506 not only rare and exceptional, but also extremely valuable. It is difficult to spot a platinum Daytona while driving .

A well-known international watch shop shared photos and videos on IG of the platinum Daytona being unboxed by them. It would be incredible to open the box 116506, however, the watch shop knows that it is important to have a unique killer if they want to draw the attention of watch enthusiasts.

This time, the platinum Daytona that foreign watch shops share is not 116506, but 116576TBT! What is the difference between the 116576 and the 116576 TBT Daytonas with the same platinum case? Its bezel is made of coffee-colored ceramics and inlaid with rectangular diamonds. The 116576 TBT bezel is an exceptional grade. The outer dial pointer has been changed to blue steel treatment. Additionally, the scale at the periphery is now made of the same ice-blue as the faceplate.

The most striking difference between 116576 and 116506 watches is the fact that 116576 TBT’s hour markers are not rectangular or diamond-shaped, but instead inlaid with Arabic numerals. This makes it appear that this watch is a limited edition made in the Middle East. This design allows for a shorter distance between watch and watch. For watch players not living in the Arab world this type of time scale design, like a hidden version, adds uniqueness to the watch. Two things can be said about 116576TBT: one, it is more rare than 116506 (the Arabic numerals are more unique), and two, it has both the number and carats of diamonds on its bezel. It is certainly more expensive and more desirable in terms of market conditions and pricing. Because of its powerful charm, it is not surprising that the store cannot wait to get the watch out of the box and share it with others.

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