mido baroncelli wild stone closeup



With this quartet of highly-elegant timepieces, the brand which celebrated its 101st anniversary in 2019 whisks us off to the very heart of nature to unveil the beauty and magic of ornamental stones it embraces

To discover the exquisiteness of our planet, you just need to head outside, cast your daily routine aside a little and go immerse yourself in nature, breathe fresh air under the canopy of a forest, caress the earth, collect a few pebbles, dip your feet into the waters of a lake. Wonderment is within reach should you wish to be awed. And, if truth be told, there couldn’t be anything quite as magical, quite as symbolic as stones. Mido has selected three of the most exquisite to adorn the faces of its new Baroncelli Wild Stone pieces, whilst the 4th features a vitreous substance whose nuance conjures up the intensity of night-time sky.

mido baroncelli wild stone closeupThe 33 mm-diameter case fashioned in steel – polished and coated with yellow or rose PVD based on the model chosen – hosts the caliber 80, an automatic movement which, as its name suggests, delivers a power reserve of 80 hours once fully wound.

Price: CHF930 (Jasper-on-steel version) – CHF980 (the other versions)

By Sharmila Bertin