breitling emergency night mission blue



Breitling’s Emergency Night Mission has a vibrant new look and is all about safety. The watch is designed to withstand any thrills and spills that thrill seekers and professionals want to throw at it.

Breitling specialises in chronograph wristwatches and is the ultimate aeronautics partner. The founder Léon Breitling set out to design watches for sports and industry in 1884. The Swiss brand has stayed true to its founder’s vision and is always innovating with ever more powerful models. Breitling designed the very first chronograph with a separate pusher in 1915. It was a revolution at the time. A second reset pusher was added in 1934 and sounded the death knell for the first modern chronograph. Breitling also equipped plane cockpits with on-board chronographs and the Royal Air Force used them for its fighter aircrafts in World War II.

breitling emergency night mission blue

The Breitling Emergency Night Mission is best-known for its built-in distress signal and has unveiled a new vibrant look. Its oversize 51mm titanium case comes in orange, blue or yellow making it ideal for city slickers and adventure seekers alike. The strong but light watch is waterproof to depths of 50m. The black carbon blend gives it classic flair. Its satin finishes and colourful rubber strap ooze urban chic. The hands and markers matching the strap colour create a vibrant contrast with the black case and dial.

The Emergency Night Mission by Breitling ranks as a PLB (Personal Locator Beacon) with a built-in twin frequency signal in line with international Cospas-Sarsat satellite requirements. It sends the signal and guides search and rescue operations. The watch is designed as a professional tool and has a COSC-certified multi-function electronic Breitling SuperQuartz chronograph movement that’s ten times as accurate as regular quartz. It has been tested and approved by the best patrols on the planet and has helped successfully complete several missions and saved countless lives. This watch doesn’t need to prove itself.

Price: 18,060 CHF

By Inès Aloui