bvlgari divas dream tourbillon squelette closeup



The Roman jeweller and watchmaker invites you to take a stroll in a luxuriant, colourful garden through these two precious, limited-edition watches – only 50 of each have been made

Bvlgari’s new creations show a real miniature Garden of Eden, inspired by both Roman and Asiatic cultures. They showcase three supreme talents above all: that of watchmaker, jeweller and artist. In fact, the two Divas’ Dream Tourbillon Skeleton pieces, as much like jewels as they are like watches, are an ode to creativity and to a craftsman’s skill. The fan-shape of the lugs on the 37mm-diameter case combines with the flamboyant colours of the painting and enamel present on the dial, all illuminated by the resplendent blaze of the diamonds, to give life to the imaginary flora and fauna.

bvlgari divas dream tourbillon squelette closeup

These two Divas’ Dream Tourbillon Skeleton watches are run by the BVL208 calibre, a self-winding mechanical movement made in Bvlgari’s Swiss workshops. Apart from the “usual” time-keeping functions and a big power reserve (64 hours), it includes a tourbillon that seems to dance in mid-air. This total transparency is achieved by the meticulous, hand-produced openwork that allows the movement to be seen.

The dial has also been finely openworked, chased and sculpted to allow light to pass through and to form the colours of a rich foliage on which a parrot perches with sparkling plumage, portrayed in enamel and painting in miniature: the hooked beak of a red cockatoo, with a yellow breast and crest, on a mosaic of pink flowers, for the white gold model, or the Amazonian Macaw with bluish plumage interspersed with orangey feathers, surrounded by mauve flowers, for the rose gold version. The metal forming the birds, foliage and flowers has been previously hollowed out to make indentations that are then filled with colour. Some petals are set with diamonds, echoing the brilliant stones that line the bezel and the tapered lugs of the case, making a total of 1.96 carats.

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By Sharmila Bertin