Golden Wheel

The little London workshop founded in 1764 has now become a major brand based in La Chaux-de-Fonds. It is highly creative in watchmaking terms and keeps the imaginative spirit of its founder, John Arnold, alive. The brand’s rich heritage enables it to dip into its archives and take inspiration from past watches to create future timepieces. An example of this is the Golden Wheel which embodies the technical “features” of a 17th century watch to showcase an automatic chronoscope twinned with a dead-beat second. The first complication lies on the dial as a mother-of-pearl semi-circle gliding over 3 sapphire discs bearing the hours. The silver-tone chapter ring displays the minutes between 10 and 12 o’ clock on the 44mm rose gold case. A slim seconds hand with an openwork tip lies on a thick rose gold wheel and tracks the seconds on the upper half of the chapter ring. Price: 46,764 CHF