Montblanc – Sitting on Top of The World

The story of Montblanc is among the most fascinating, especially if you’re a fountain pen enthusiast like me. It began in 1906, 110 years ago, when an engineer, banker and specialist stationery salesman from Hamburg and Berlin set sail to the USA. After the trio’s American adventure, a fountain pen with a built-in ink well was born and revolutionised writing. Four years on and the company was named Montblanc in tribute to the three founders’ demanding quality standards and the highest peak in Europe at 4810m.

Cross oceans, climb mont Blanc

Without the ferry boom in the early 20th century following innovations such as the steam engine and steel hulls, transatlantic boat journeys wouldn’t exist, Hamburg wouldn’t have become a major port city and our three German entrepreneurs wouldn’t have been able to visit the US. The 4810 collection, launched in 2006 but with fresh technical and design features in 2016, is like a multiple celebration. It honours not only the memory of the Hamburg brand’s founders but also the golden age of ferries, 110 years of German engineering and Europe’s summit.

Make a birthday wish, celebrate life

The exclusive limited edition timepieces have been launched to celebrate the 110th anniversary including one available in three versions. The self-winding trio (two wristwatches and one pocket watch) embody Montblanc’s technical skills thanks mainly to Minerva’s experience.

In terms of design, the 4810 collection has a new dial which now bears the German brand’s logo on most models, has Roman numerals on its hour rim and a more streamlined case and lugs.


By Sharmila Bertin