PATEK PHILIPPE – Calatrava Pilot Travel Time réf. 5524

There were only 24 years between the Wright brothers’ first flight in 1903 and Charles Lindbergh’s first plane journey across the Atlantic in 1927! Watchmaking is no stranger to this sort of fast growth. Like the navy in the 18th century, aviation used watches as a navigation tool. Based on an idea by US Naval Officer Philip van Horn Weems and suggestions from Charles Lindbergh, “the hour angle watch” was invented. Used alongside a sextant and radio signal, this instrument enabled them to calculate their position quickly, easily and accurately. Patek Philippe designed two types of this watch, also known as siderometers. The new 5524 model is a tribute to the time when man conquered the skies. The now redundant hour angle has been replaced by a second time zone which is easy to control using two pushers at 8 o’ clock (+1 hour) and 10 o’ clock (-1 hour). The two hands come together beautifully when local and home time are the same. White gold 42mm case. Price: 42,000 CHF