Patrimony Contemporaine ultra-plate 1731

Vacheron Constantin is a name which makes the amateurs and the neophytes of the watchmaking industry dream. Because the Genovese house has filled people’s eyes and hearts with wonder for 258 years, it is thus natural that we fell in love with the Patrimony Contemporaine ultra-thin calibre 1731. Under its elegant red gold silhouette and silver face a world of watch making complexity is hidden. Indeed, presented in a case with a diameter of 41mm, the dial has applied indices, a pearl timer as well as a small second one placed between 8 and 9 o’clock. However, the pure aesthetics do not reveal the smoothness of its (3.90 mm thick) minute repeater movement, the calibre 1731, which has taken four years to develop. Upon request, and thanks to the push buttons on the left hand side of the case, this timepiece strikes the hours, quarter hours and minutes with a crystalline sound for its holder’s greatest pleasure. Price: 400’000 CHF

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