This watch can complement your formal and evening wear.

An individual won’t be bothered by the sight of the gold-accented steel timepiece (just like some gilded luxury watches), but the look and feel of the Tudor S&G are on point to complement one’s formal and evening wear. Crowned with a gold plate, the crown allows one to manually set the date and time. It is screwed unto the case down to make sure it stays highly water-resistant and safe.
Since it accounts the aesthetics of the dial, the dial also features a window screen for your date segment in 6 o’clock, a perfect spot for it. The watch is mended using a tachymeter scale engraved fronting the chronograph purpose of measuring the desired unit of measurement of the speed and flow speed with one. The watch also features the pusher ears on either side of the gilded crown, allowing the wearer to take charge of stopping and starting the chronograph. At 9 and 3 o’clock positions are the counters that are seconds and 45-minute for chronograph functions, respectively.