hublot big bang zermatt diamond



The watchmakers specialised in combining often surprising materials have launched three limited edition watches paying homage to one of Switzerland’s most famous symbols: the Matterhorn

The Matterhorn is one of Switzerland’s most striking landmarks. Rising to an altitude of 4,478m, it can be seen on the famous triangular box of chocolates made by Toblerone. It is the 12th highest peak in the Alps. The world-famous mountain with its distinctive shape stands out against the sky on the border of Switzerland and Italy. Hublot has paid homage to the mountain by including it in three Big Bang Zermatt chronographs made of rose gold, steel or jewelled steel.

hublot big bang zermatt diamondPrice: 30,900 CHF (rose gold) – 17,700 CHF (steel with diamonds) – 14,900 CHF (steel)

By Sharmila Bertin

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