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Black or white, horizontal or vertical, lacquered or coated in diamonds, the Parisian brand’s signature initial plays with directions in a feast for the eyes true to the playful spirit that Hermès watches are known for.

The H in Hermès is a symbol in itself that appears in the Parisian brand’s pieces. It’s sometimes subtle, sometimes extrovert and sneaks into every craft and collection from the famous belt buckle and tie to the silk scarf and tableware. And of course not watches like the new Heure H Double Jeu. Designed in 1996 by the designer Philippe Mouquet who was also behind the famous Voyage d’Hermès perfume bottle, the Heure H’s body is the 8th letter of the Latin alphabet turned into a bezel with the base as lugs.

hermes heure h-double jeu closeupThis version of the Double Jeu showcases the duality of colours, with inky black or classic white, and materials by contrasting silky lacquer with jagged diamonds. This sensory game that dazzles the sense of sight and touch continues along the H’s lines. The initial glitters either up and down or side to side; it’s surrounded by 122 diamonds (vertically-set) or the bottom half and centre line glitters with 93 diamonds (horizontally-set) whilst the top half is coated in black or white lacquer. The latter version with the gem-covered bottom half has no markers but a silver bar running through the centre.

Four curvy Arabic numerals lie on the edge of the Heure H Double Jeu’s lacquered dial on the vertically-paved model that literally melt into the main dial. Two little silver spear-shaped hands track the hours and minutes in the middle of the glittering square.

The square steel case measures 21x21mm with a white grained or black Barenia calfskin strap and deployment clasp.

Price: 5,800 – 8,500 CHF

By Sharmila Bertin

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