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The style is instantly recognisable. All the classic signature features of the brand are brought together to give a new lease of life to a timeless model.

Some brands have a visual identity that is so perfectly rooted in the watchmaking microcosm that each new creation issuing from their workshops is easily recognisable. The Luminor California 8 Days DLC condenses many of the features that have helped to forge the design signature of Panerai for decades. The typical shape of the 44mm-wide titanium case with DLC and the crown protection is one such. The “California” dial with Roman numerals in the top half and Arabic numerals below is another, with all coated in lume. The signs of affiliation are so clear that the Italian officine has opted for a dial free of any inscription or logo. The display of the time information is consequently optimal. The hour and minute hands have a specific oxidation treatment resulting in a unique blue tone, ideally contrasting with the colour of the dial.

panerai luminor california 8 days closeupAs its name suggests, the Luminor has a very generous power reserve of 192 hours, thanks to the presence of two barrels mounted in series in its self-winding movement, the calibre P 5000.

The timepiece also stands out through a non-coated leather strap, which will take on a patina over time, guaranteeing it will be unique. The strap can be worn on a cuff strap made from the same leather. Using this option metamorphosises the watch into an ideal fashion accessory, boosting its original and assertive look.

Price: 7,500 EUR

By Dan Diaconu

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