Rendez-Vous Moon

The moon has fascinated Man since the dawn of time. It affects our mood, influences the nature around us, controls the tide and lights up the night sky with its silvery sparkle when the sun goes down. Aside from its poetic image and power over nature, the moon and its many phases primarily help us tell the time. A white mother-of-pearl moon shines from the lower half of the Rendez-Vous’ dial. A guilloché and midnight blue lacquered sky glides over the moon depending on its phase. Chiselled mother-of-pearl adorns the diamond-rimmed crescent bearing the hour numerals at the top of the dial under a bright star which subtly tells the wearer what time it is. The floral hour and minute hands and moon cycle are brought to life by the self-winding 935 calibre in the diamond-set white gold 36 or 39mm case. Price: 43,300 CHF (Ø36) – 52,500 CHF (Ø39)