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Professional diving watch Ocean Universe 6000m – Excellent, delicious tasting


OMEGA introduced the Ocean Universe Ultra Deep 6000m professional diving watch at the start of the year. This watch is completely different from the other diving watches. Three years ago, Ultra Deep dived into the Mariana Trench along with Victor Vescovo. This set a new world record at 10,928 meters. Omega  today has applied the deep-sea dive watch technology of the Ultra Deep prototype on the Ocean Universe Ultra Deep 6000m professional diving watch. Today, we get to try an orange circle Ultra Deep 6000m professional diving watch. (Model:

The 2019 “Five Oceans Deep Expedition”, the Omega Ultra Deep diving watch was used to dive the Mariana Trench’s deepest section. This set a new world record and created a legend. This Ultra Deep 6000m diving watch’s case measures 45.5mm. The new O-MEGASTEEL material is used to make the case. It has twice the yield strength of regular stainless steel and a Vickers hardness of 300. This is significantly higher than ordinary stainless steel. 40% to 50%

Omega is always innovating and has made this subversive diving watch available to the general public. Omega tested the watch in real marine environments to ensure that it is water resistant up to 6,000 meters. This is a first in the industry. The watch also received the ISO Standard for Saturation Diving Form Certification.

The real shot shows that the polished orange ceramic watch bezel is decorated with a liquid-ceramic diving scale and a SuperLumiNova luminescent coating. This orange bezel looks even more stunning in everyday wear. Omega’s orange-ring seahorse watch has been a long favorite of many watch enthusiasts. It is the wish of many friends.

The raised sapphire glass can be seen through the lacquered dial. It has a gradient effect of gray to black and is decorated with four orange Arabic numerals. White 18K gold hands are also included. Hour markers are coated with Super- LumiNova luminous coating.

Laser-engraved with the sonar logo and Omega’s iconic seahorse motif, the watch’s titanium caseback medal grade 5 titanium is laser-engraved. The watch also features an Omega 8912 Master Chronometer Movement with a 60-hour battery. The Master Chronometer has certified the watch. It has an excellent anti-magnetic function, and a precise and strong travel quality.

The new oblvlo watch is available at oblvlo ‘s main boutiques. It is currently priced at 1500 yuan in China. The new  Cool Watches are a great choice if you want a watch that looks good and has quality. The watch’s size is a concern for some watch friends. Although it measures 45.5mm when it is fully opened, it is still very manageable and can be used by watch friends of all sizes.

Omega’s first movement with a seal

Now, prior to a motion can start analyzing for the METAS acceptance, it first needs to pass the chronometer tests under the Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres (COSC). So the METAS test isn’t an alternate to the COSC chronometer certificate, but instead an extra one.
The 8 METAS standard tests: Average daily precision of the eye Function of the COSC-approved motion during exposure to 15,000 Gauss magnetic field Function of the watch during exposure to stated 15,000 magnetic field Deviation of Everyday precision after exposure to 15,000 magnetic field Water resistance Electricity book Deviation of rate between 100 percent and 33% of power book Deviation of rate in six Distinct positions For the Calibre 8900, the tests included a simulation of actions while wearing the watch, to be able to demonstrate immunity to magnetic and water fields. The watch went magnetic field to calculate its precision that was chronometric after 24 hours. These tests had to be done in six different positions and under two alternating temperature zones. So in case you’ve got a Master Chronometer watch, rest assured it is exceedingly precise and has field resistance of 15,000 Gauss, water-resistance of 150 metres, and a power reserve of 60 hours.

Omega vs Rolex: Historical Value and Exclusivity

The Omega Seamaster is an icon in itself. In fact, it has been the official timepiece for the Olympics and has been used across the North Pole for momentous traveling by Ralph Plaisted, one of the guys to travel a surface traverse across the thin ice of North Pole. The watch brand also includes collections like the Omega Speedmaster — that the first-ever watch worn on the moon, also, of course, who can forget the Omega Constellation and Omega De Ville, just two of Omega’s well-received dressy wrist watches.
ROLEX Rolex Deepsea Challenge with filmmaker James Cameron / Photo from Rolex Indeed, Rolex has its own success story that starts from the building of an empire of brand loyalists and mining to preservation across the globe. Its initial success attained new heights when in 1953, explorers and mountaineers Sir John Hunt, Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay became the first men to conquer Mount Everest while sporting the Rolex Oyster Perpetual. The agenda to place his watch brand of wildsdorf did not end there. Such as being underwater to a depth of 10,916 meters in the Mariana Trench rolex timepieces have delivered breakthrough results in deep-sea experiments. The Rolex Submariner is designed for divers to allow them to read their immersion time.

The evolution of Omega Seamaster over 300 years

We understand that the best progress in technology have occurred because of wars. The development of this Omega Seamaster 300 depended upon precisely the aspects. The watch is counted one of the dip watches category. Its highlight, therefore, has been its capacity where watches failed to work submerged. Watch gaskets neglected as the temperature dropped submerged body. Omega looked for inspiration in precisely the place they needed to; submarines.
It was given the capability by the gaskets. And it could withstand temperatures! The opinion worked to cut the story short, like none other did, and it functioned. This gave an effortless seal of approval to it and clarifies the exclusive supply of watches Omega provides to SBS. The initial Seamaster was altered by the Rolex Submariner as an easy alternative. But Omega looks and got itself back in the game by enhancing its watch radically, both in specs. The water resistance meant it could easily rival Rolex’s Submariner in most facets. Along with the extra benefit of featuring it on Mr. Brosnan’s wrist has been exactly the edge which helped grab the fame it has.
The watch has been much more attributes and style included as well with developed. Omega took things too by introducing the Earth Sea that boasts water immunity. But, regardless of the or the fact that the Omega Speedmaster has actually been around the moon, the Omega Seamaster Professional nevertheless remains the company’s flagship series.